Postcards From Lambeth (Not About Sexuality)

Bishops prepare for the traditional group photo at Lambeth Conference 2022 | Photo: Lambeth Conference

Despite the ongoing uproar over whether the Anglican Communion should accept or condemn homosexuality, the Lambeth Conference is fulfilling its mission of developing stronger ties among bishops from around the world. July 28-29 are devoted to a two-day, bishops-only retreat in and around majestic Canterbury Cathedral, and several Episcopal bishops have shared their excitement in Facebook posts. — Kirk Petersen

Deon K. Johnson
Bishop of Missouri

Imagine 650 bishops from 165 countries singing in harmony together in an ancient cathedral. While there are things with which we disagree, we find ways to build bridges in a world of walls.

Jennifer Reddall
Bishop of Arizona

I will never complain about driving in Arizona again. Bishop Jean Paul [Solo] of Madagascar walks five days over a mountain to get to one of his congregations.

David and his measuring stick | Photo: Lucinda Ashby, Facebook

Lucinda Ashby
Bishop of El Camino Real

David works at Canterbury Cathedral, and with a crew of people was busy on Wednesday setting up the space for our 2-day retreat. David had the measuring stick and made sure that the rows of chairs were evenly spaced. As he said to me, “They must be precise!” Thank you to David and the many people who tend to the details and provide 650 bishops with comfort.

Carol Gallagher
Serving Dioceses of Massachusetts & Albany

Both unbelief and rigid belief can temporarily halt the healing power of God’s love. Our work here, from my vantage point, is to listen deeply, talk little and witness the power of Christ’s love in others. None of us has the corner on our Creator’s truth.

Carlye J. Hughes
Bishop of Newark

[A highlight was meeting] Bishop Aimé Joseph Kimararungu of Gitega in Burundi. His diocese has received two Alleluia Fund grants from the Diocese of Newark to build a well and sanitation service in a community without reliable water sources. I asked how the project had worked out and part of the success was the project led to planting a church. Wow!

Megan McClure Traquair
Diocese of Northern California

Many double-decker buses took us along small roads to the great cathedral. It has been the goal of pilgrims for more than a thousand years and the deeply curved stone steps show it.

Bishops McLoughlin and Chambala | Facebook

José A. McLoughlin
Bishop of Western North Carolina

This is Bishop Isaiah Chambala. He is the Bishop of the Diocese of Kiteto, in Tanzania. As we became acquainted, I learned he has been to Lake Logan [in North Carolina] 3 times! He said, “It’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.” We agree on so much. I have invited him to return.

Rob Skirving
Bishop of East Carolina

For me, the most powerful moment in worship is when we prayed together the prayer which Jesus taught his disciples, each of us in our own language. A Pentecost moment of sorts! The sound was incredible.



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