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In our cover story, Simon Cotton continues his tour of ancient UK church architecture, finding a 12th-century structure and yew trees from the time of Christ at Pennant Melangell, three miles up a one-lane road in Wales.

In News, Kirk Petersen describes the first trickle of COVID cases from a consequential Executive Council meeting. (It’s a story that has rapidly developed since the magazine went to press — bookmark our General Convention homepage to keep up with the latest, as a massive event gets restructured on the fly.) The council launched two major initiatives in support of Indigenous people, and Kirk has that story, too. Mark Michael reports on bishop and primate elections in Utah and Central America.

Jeremy Worthen traces Anglicanism’s ecumenical role in an excerpt from When Churches in Communion Disagree, forthcoming this Spring from Living Church Books.

From the South Pacific, Robyn Douglass describes Anglican relief efforts after a volcano eruption in Tonga, and examines the New Zealand church’s split over same-sex marriage as a possible foreshadowing of Australia’s General Synod, which meets this week.

Robert Price begs Boomer priests to resist the lure of retirement and stay in ministry just a little longer. “We need you.”

In Cultures, Stephen Platten reviews a Westminster Abbey Choir recording of “three outstanding contemporary composers for any music lover with a devotional heart”: Dove + Weir + Martin.

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  • COVID Cases Pose Questions for General Convention
    By Kirk Petersen


  • Visible Communion Between Churches
    By Jeremy Worthen
  • Anglicans Bring Relief after Tongan Volcano
    By Robyn Douglass
  • New Zealand Church Split
    May Be a Preview for Australia | By Robyn Douglass
  • Oh Stay, Boomer | By Robert Price
  • Chasing the Hare to Pennant Melangell
    By Simon Cotton


  • New Song from a Hallowed Shrine
    Review by Stephen Platten


  • Walking Each Other Home and The Stranger in the Lifeboat
    Reviews by Christine Havens
  • WASPs | Review by W.L. Prehn
  • Humbler Faith, Bigger God | Review by Leander Harding
  • Why Religion Is Good for American Democracy
    Review by D. Stephen Long
  • Karl Barth: A Life in Conflict | Review by J. Scott Jackson


  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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