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The leaders of most of the provinces of the Anglican Communion gathered in late March, and there were too many primates to fit on our cover. Not to worry, there’s a two-page spread just inside the cover, with a handy ID chart as well, and Mark Michael covers their discussions in the runup to the Lambeth Conference.

Also in the News, Kirk Petersen profiles the man who will become his father’s bishop in the Diocese of Southwest Florida. Meanwhile the Diocese of Virginia announced a slate of four bishop candidates, all of them white men, which sparked a bit of an uproar.

Timothy Jones explores the Christian contemplative tradition and the nuanced communication available through silence.

COVID restrictions brought to a standstill a nine-year effort to establish a church-affiliated school for underprivileged kids in Uganda. Jesse Masai describes the effort to get back on track.

In an excerpt from a volume to be published this spring by Living Church Books, Ephraim Radner suggests a four-fold Pentecostal rationale for the Anglican Communion.

John Bauerschmidt examines the just war tradition and the concept of proportionality in the context of the war in Ukraine, and reminds all of us that we are not God.

Pamela A. Lewis reviews the gorgeous della Robbia exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

And of course, the books. In De terra veritas, Mark Michael reviews three self-published volumes and draws some conclusions for a COVID-ravaged Church.

Other reviews seek God in Shakespeare, survey the passions of David Bentley Hart, profile a 19th-century bishop, and recreate the experience of worship in medieval England.

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  • Primates Meeting ‘Positive and Encouraging’
    By Mark Michael


  • Why God’s First Language Is Not Silence
    By Timothy Jones
  • COVID Leaves Ugandan School in Crisis
    By Jesse Masai
    Is There a Rationale for the Anglican Communion
    By Ephraim Radner


  • War and Judgment | By John Bauerschmidt


  • Abundance and Hope in della Robbia’s Resurrection
    Review by Pamela A. Lewis


  • All’s Well That Ends Well and Shakeshafte and Other Plays
    Review by Anthony Baker
  • Theological Territories | Review by Dan Muth
  • Edward King | Review by Peter Doll
  • Going to Church in Medieval England
    Review by Richard J. Mammana Jr.


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