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The striking image on our cover is Peter’s Denial, just one work of art from an outdoor exhibit on the Stations of the Cross in Toronto. Sue Careless has the story.

The artwork of Holy Week doesn’t end there. Pamela A. Lewis reviews the Shroud of Turin exhibit, which continues at Washington’s Museum of the Bible until July 31, and Dennis Raverty exegetes Resurrection of Christ by a contemporary Russian icon writer, in a continuation of his artful tour of major New York churches.

In News, Kirk Petersen explains that Madeleine Albright was the second Episcopalian Secretary of State born in 1937 to pass away in five months. Her successor in office preceded her in death.

Mark Michael reports on the Indigenous movement toward greater self-determination in the Anglican Church of Canada, and on the death of controversial Bishop Edward MacBurney, while Kirk analyzes the opening moves of the campaign for president of the House of Deputies.

In news from outside North America, Melissa Williams-Sambrano describes how COVID has crippled much-needed repairs to churches in Trinidad and Tobago, while Neva Rae Fox describes the challenges facing the Anglican Province of Papua New Guinea.

Two years into the pandemic, Steve Rice says it may be time to reflect on whether bishops actually have the canonical authority to regulate in-person worship and the common cup.

In Ethics, Nathan Carr describes how he and his wife, who endured countless surgeries for two of their four biological children, have gone on to foster three boys. It’s expensive, exhausting, and worth it.

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  • Deputies President Campaign Begins
    Analysis by Kirk Petersen


  • COVID Cripples Repairs to Trinidad’s Churches
    By Melissa Williams-Sambrano
  • Papua New Guinean Church Focuses on Health
    and Education | By Neva Rae Fox
  • VALE: Louis Weil (1935-2022)
    By William H. Petersen
  • Canonical Obedience | By Steve Rice
  • Palm Sunday and Death’s Defeat | By Clint Wilson


  • Fostering | By Nathan Carr


  • Eternal Resurrection | By Dennis Raverty
  • Shrouded in Mystery | By Pamela A. Lewis
  • The Passion for Pilgrim and Passerby
    By Sue Careless


  • Abraham’s Silence | Review by Travis J. Bott
  • The Vanishing | Review by Paul Feheley
  • The Bible in the Early Church | Review by Frank Logue


  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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