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In our cover article, Susan Fortunato ministers to the bodies and souls of homeless people in Poughkeepsie, New York, and remembers why she became a priest.

In the news, Kirk Petersen reports on ACCtoo, a new website alleging that a senior official of the Anglican Church of Canada failed to safeguard the confidentiality of three persons who were sexually abused by priests.

The Church of England’s General Synod focused on finances, safeguarding, and evangelism, and Mark Michael has the story. Separately, Rosie Dawson reports on the Church’s racial justice research.

In De terra veritas, Mark Michael offers thanks for the hospitality shown to him and his family as they hiked the Camino de Santiago, and contemplates the lost art of being a guest.

The recently launched Small Churches Big Impact podcast proclaims that small is beautiful, and has a lot to offer a denomination in which more than half of working priests do not have full-time roles at a single church, G. Jeffrey MacDonald writes.

Deaconesses provided non-liturgical ministry from 1857 to 1970, and there’s a movement to honor them in Lesser Feasts and Fasts. Neva Rae Fox examines the history of the order through a 100-year-old book, and interviews the last deaconess, who is still active as a deacon at age 87.

Lykz is a musical about finding friendship and self-worth in a digital world, and Retta Blaney describes the author’s quest for a director and a stage.

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  • Church of Canada Faces Sex-abuse Allegations
    By Kirk Petersen


  • Blessing the Homeless | By Susan Fortunato
  • Podcast Helps Small Congregations Thrive
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • Unlocking the History of the Deaconesses
    By Neva Rae Fox
  • Sister Priscilla, the Last Deaconess, at 87 | By Neva Rae Fox
  • The Gifts of Online Church
    By Amy Denney Zuniga and Robin Denney
  • Three Steps to Protect Your House of Worship
    By Neal Duckworth
  • The Living Church Donors 2021
  • ‘Holding Feet to the Fire’ on Racial Justice in the
    Church of England | By Rosie Dawson


  • Lykz Offers Healing for the Digital Generation
    By Retta Blaney


  • On Living Well | Review by Matt Erickson
  • Busking the Gospel | Review by Licia Affer
  • How to Try | Review by Kristine Blaess
  • Preaching by Heart | Review by Amy Schifrin
  • Leaving Emmaus | Review by Christine Havens


  • De terra veritas
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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