The Fulfilled Prophecy

From Against Marcion, iv.9 (207-208)

Out of so many kinds of occupations, why indeed had he such respect for that of fishermen, as to select from it for apostles Simon and the sons of Zebedee (for it cannot seem to be the mere fact itself for which the narrative was meant to be drawn out), saying to Peter, when he trembled at the very large draught of the fishes, “Fear not; from henceforth thou shalt catch men?”

By saying this, he suggested to them the meaning of the fulfilled prophecy, that it was even he who by Jeremiah had foretold, “Behold, I will send many fishers; and they shall fish them” (Jer. 16:16), that is, men. Then at last they left their boats, and followed him, understanding that it was he who had begun to accomplish what he had declared.

Tertullian (155-220) was a North African theologian, the first to produce a major body of work in Latin. He was a noted apologist and controversialist, and his Against Marcion was a large scale critique of an influential Gnostic teacher who urged Christians to discard the Old Testament.


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