TLC’s Team on Giving to TLC

What has TLC given you this year?

Resources for your parish life? Global news? Thoughtful theological work from colleagues and friends? Encouragement for the future and leadership of the Anglican Communion? Meaningful relationships?

Well, we asked some of our staff and correspondents to say what we get when you give, to help you understand what end-of-year gifts mean to us.

With the help of your support, dear reader, we have been able to serve the current needs of the Anglican Communion this year. Are you willing to help us do what we’re called to in 2022?

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Staying Power 

I work for an organization that spans three centuries. That’s amazing. We’ve weathered many seasons of change. Every dollar you give upbuilds our publishing and teaching ministry.

–John Schuessler, Managing Editor

Cutting Through Stereotypes

Your generous support to TLC allows me to generate original stories on issues facing the Anglican Communion in Africa. Through travel and virtual interactions, it helps me to patiently follow up on exciting and sometimes complex sources across the continent’s beautiful heartland. Over erratic phone lines, delayed e-mail responses, and sometimes frustrating Zoom calls, it helps cut through the stereotypes of our age to unveil the story of a fast-changing African Christendom.

–Jesse Masai, International Correspondent (also pictured: Juddy Masai)

 Practical Involvement

Help support our advertising department! Ads showcase practical ways in which we can be more involved in our parishes and our communities. That’s what TLC does: it leaves us more excited to be Christians in the Anglican tradition.

–Rebecca Terhune, Advertising Coordinator


Independent Voice

Donating to TLC helps preserve an independent voice that has been serving the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion since 1878. We don’t just cover the Church — we care about it.

–Kirk Petersen, Associate Editor

Reaching Across

TLC’s magazine reaches across pews, across churches, across the world, to show what God is doing in our patch. What a gift! (It’ll reach wider across the world when I get into some of my new stories….)

–Robyn Douglass, Correspondent


Supporting Parishes

It’s been quite a year for parish clergy and lay leaders — great logistical challenges, wide-ranging needs, and signs of God at work in unexpected ways. TLC believes in parish ministry, and we aim to share as much encouragement and good advice as possible, while we hold your work in our prayers. Your generosity equips us to give back all we can.

–Mark Michael, Editor

 Thoughtful Media

No one does what the Living Church does: a charitable, thorough, and careful exploration of the issues concerning the Church today, from an Anglican/Episcopal point of view with the Church Catholic in mind. This happens not just in print, but also in our podcast! (As the editor of the podcast, I’m quite partial.) Thank you so much for considering a gift to TLC to allow us to continue this ministry.

–Andrew Russell, Media Producer

Generosity, Firsthand

Why should someone give to TLC this Christmas? …Because then I get to meet you! Part of my job here at TLC is to record all donations that come in. I get to see, firsthand, the incredible generosity of our TLC supporters. We appreciate every donor, because we know that each dollar given furthers our mission to unite the body of Christ. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

–Stephanie Schramm, Administrative Assistant

 Open Windows, Open Doors

Your contribution to TLC allows me to open doors and windows for you.

I open doors by reporting on creative responses to today’s challenges:

Is There a Place for Post-Pandemic Hybrid Worship?
Burying Unnamed COVID Victims in NYC 
Parishes Unite for Social Action
Prison Ministry Adapts to COVID Challenges
Creative Ideas for a COVID-19 Ash Wednesday

I open windows so you can peer into worlds beyond yours:

Connections Crucial to Philippines COVID Relief
Afghans ‘Not a Normal Resettlement’ for EMM
UTO Helps Build Two New Churches in Bangladesh
Bishop Describes Humanitarian Crisis in Myanmar

Your contribution allows windows and doors to be opened for you to witness our world and to learn about our neighbors in the next town, the next state, or a far-away country. Your contribution to TLC allows us to dramatize Matthew 25 during these hard-pressed pandemic times.

–Neva Rae Fox, Correspondent

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