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In our cover story, Elizabeth Orens describes how churches and cathedrals have responded to the pandemic through gifts of the imagination, offering their art to express the Gospel message.

In News, Kirk Petersen talks to the priest in charge of Colin Powell’s childhood Episcopal church in the Bronx, and does some data diving in the annual compensation report from Church Pension Group.

In Cæli enarrant, Christopher Wells opens his heart and shares memories of a lifetime of formation and friendship with his mother, who died in the summer.

Jesse Masai checks in from Africa, where a South Sudanese priest nurtures a values-based Christian academy, building it course by course.

Drawing on his experience as a bishop in Kenya, Joseph Wandera declares that the Anglican family is alive and working, despite painful disagreements.

Dennis Raverty reviews some of Rembrandt’s etchings of the Madonna and Child, and Simon Cotton offers a paean to the cathedral at Chartres, France, considered by some the greatest cathedral ever built.

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  • CPG’s Compensation Report Offers a Wealth of Data
    By Kirk Petersen


  • South Sudan’s Lost Boy Pastor Shows the way
    By Jesse Masai
  • Lament and Healing through Art
    By Elizabeth Orens
  • Encountering Each Other in the Anglican Communion
    By Joseph Wandera
  • Cornerstones
    ‘Color, and the Light of God Behind It’
    By Simon Cotton


  • Rembrandt’s Unwitting Madonna
    By Dennis Raverty


  • Sealed | Review by Shirley O’Shea
  • The Cambridge Companion to the Gospels
    Review by Stephen Platten
  • Matrix: A Novel
    Review by Christine Havens
  • Ecotheology | Review by Charleston David wilson


  • Cæli enarrant
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings

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