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The October 3 Liturgical Arts issue of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

In our cover story, Dennis Raverty examines the intimate Franciscan crucifix that graces Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in New York City, topped by the colorful six-winged seraph.

In News, the TLC staff reviews the life and controversies of Bishop John Shelby Spong, and the fervent supporters and detractors he inspired. Kirk Petersen reports that the Church in Wales has authorized the blessing of civil same-sex marriages and partnerships.

Neva Rae Fox chronicles efforts by the Episcopal Church in the Philippines to address hunger and unemployment caused by the pandemic.

Felicia Mary Francis Skene’s 19th-century novels and theological writings helped bring the Tractarian movement to life, as Elizabeth Orens describes.

Lawrence N. Crumb describes the unintended consequences of past revisions of the Book of Common Prayer. Simon Cuff traces the priorities of Christian socialism. Simon Cotton finds St. Swithin’s while continuing his tour of English church architecture.

In De terra veritas, Mark Michael celebrates the master upholsterer and other craftsmen who passionately care for the house of God.

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  • Iconoclast John Spong Dies at 90


  • In Philippines, Connections Crucial to COVID Relief
    By Neva Rae Fox
  • Felicia Skene: In Service to the Divine Master
    By Elizabeth Orens
  • Liturgical Revision’s Unintended Consequences
    By Lawrence N. Crumb
  • Baroque Splendor in the Vale of the White Horse
    By Simon Cotton


  • Christian Socialism | By Simon Cuff


  • An Intimate, Franciscan Crucifix | By Dennis Raverty


  • Church Curiosities
    Review by Mary Grace Gibbs DuPree
  • The Anglican Office Book
    Review by Mary Grace Gibbs DuPree
  • A Time to Build Anew | Review by Ben Lima
  • Lighten Our Darkness | Review by Walker Robinson


  • De terra veritas
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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