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In our cover story, Christopher Wells chronicles the dedication of the $67 million expansion of the largest Episcopal church, St. Martin’s in Houston, where President George H.W. Bush used to worship.

In News, Kirk Petersen reports that the Episcopal Church paid $4.5 million in legal fees to the Fort Worth diocese of the Anglican Church in North America after 12 years of unsuccessful property litigation. Episcopal Migration Ministries is scrambling to support Afghan refugees, and Neva Rae Fox has the story.

Fox also describes One Man’s Treasure, a Dallas-area charity that has provided free clothing to released Texas prisoners since 2005, to help them make a fresh start in society.

Pandemic lockdowns and separations have led to an increase in domestic and gender-based violence, and three articles address the issue from different parts of the world: Anne O. Weatherholt from the United States, Robyn Douglass from Australia, and Dr. Esther Mombo and Jesse Masai from Africa.

And it’s the Fall Books issue, so we’ve got lots of book reviews: Mac Stewart reflects on the sublime heights of John’s Gospel; W.L. Prehn on how Christians can use the news media rather than be used by it; Robert D. Edmunds on exploring the Old City of Jerusalem; Deonna D. Neal on scripture and ethics; and Poulson Reed on the prayerful use of leadership techniques from the for-profit sector.

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  • TEC Pays $4.5 Million to ACNA’s Fort Worth Diocese
    By Kirk Petersen


  • One Man’s Treasure Helps One Man at a Time
    By Neva Rae Fox
  • The Marvel of St. Martin’s, Houston
    By Christopher Wells
  • Charles Henry Brent and a Post-Pandemic Vision
    for Christian Unity | By R. William Franklin
  • Australian Church Confronts ‘Emergency’
    of Domestic Violence | By Robyn Douglass
  • Wounded and Silenced: Gender-Based Violence
    and the Anglican Communion in Africa
    By Dr. Esther Mombo and Jesse Masai


  • Intimate Partner Violence | By Anne O. Weatherholt


  • Homilies on the Gospel of John | Review by Mac Stewart
  • Reading the Times | Review by W.L. Prehn
  • Gateways to the Divine | Review by Robert D. Edmunds
  • Bridging Scripture and Moral Theology
    Review by Deonna D. Neal
  • Pastoral Leadership | Review by Poulson Reed


  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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