New: 9/5 TLC Online

The September 5 Parish Ministry issue of The Living Church, the largest issue of the year, is available online to registered subscribers.

Our cover story celebrates our Partners: the churches, dioceses, and other organizations without whose support TLC would not be able to continue its ministry. Our 29-page spread features dozens of Partners in a glorious family album of words and pictures.

In News, Kirk Petersen explains why the three small dioceses in Wisconsin have entered a “trialogue” to explore reunification. The Anglican Communion’s African provinces have endured a series of clerical sex scandals, and Jesse Masai and Dr. Esther Mombo describe calls for greater accountability.

In Communion Across Difference, a church on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has built a pandemic ministry connecting food pantries with minority-owned, East Harlem restaurants in need of sales, and Neva Rae Fox has the story.

Meredith Tilp reflects on decades of lessons from her relationship with “the Arch,” Desmond Tutu. Navy chaplain Sinclair C.P. Ender describes how the suicide of a friend has informed his own ministry to people suffering pandemic stress.

In Ethics, Mark Clavier writes that life in a Welsh market town has taught him that global consumerism leaves people estranged from creation and the real people around them.

With this issue, TLC introduces a new/old tagline: “Serving the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion since 1878.” Executive Director and Publisher Christopher Wells geeks out in the archives, tying 14 decades of taglines to the evolving vision of the magazine.

All this plus more news, obituaries, and Sunday’s Readings, from an independent voice that has been, as the new tagline proclaims, a showcase for the Anglican/Episcopal expression of God’s Church for 143 years. Consider subscribing today.


  • Wisconsin Dioceses to Formally Consider Reunion
    By Kirk Petersen
  • Churches in Africa Grapple with Sexual Abuse
    By Jesse Masai and Dr. Esther Mombo


  • Communion Across Difference
    New York City Church Reaches in New Directions
    During Pandemic | By Neva Rae Fox
  • Learning from Desmond Tutu
    By Meredith Tilp
  • Trauma-Informed Ministry | By Sinclair C.P. Ender
  • The Inexhaustible Cup
  • Partner Spotlights 2021


  • Out with the Old, In with the Old


  • Tiffany’s Triumph of Light | By Dennis Raverty


  • Being Parochial Christians in a Consumer Culture
    By Mark Clavier


  • The Holy Spirit and Christian Experience
    Review by Christopher Holmes
  • Means of Grace | Review by Molly Jane Layton


  • Letter to the Editor
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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