My Prayer

By Sherry Black

A Reading from Psalm 142

1 I cry to the LORD with my voice;
to the LORD I make loud supplication.

2 I pour out my complaint before him
and tell him all my trouble.

3 When my spirit languishes within me, you know my path;
in the way wherein I walk they have hidden a trap for me.

4 I look to my right hand and find no one who knows me;
I have no place to flee to, and no one cares for me.

5 I cry out to you, O LORD;
I say, “You are my refuge,
my portion in the land of the living.”

6 Listen to my cry for help, for I have been brought very low;
save me from those who pursue me,
for they are too strong for me.

7 Bring me out of prison, that I may give thanks to your Name;
when you have dealt bountifully with me,
the righteous will gather around me.


I had a rough time last month. It began with travel delays, only to find that I had brought a summer cold virus home with me… that turned into a sinus infection. After a week of antibiotics I was feeling better, then ended up in the ER with diverticulitis, my first bout. More antibiotics, more recovery time, and I’m still figuring out what to eat. In the midst of these health concerns a deer hit my car, which is now being repaired, and my rental was hit by rocks on the interstate. First world problems, yes, but I felt overwhelmed. Woe is me! I’m not sure I’ve ever been so glad to tear a month off my calendar!

I certainly cried to the Lord, and let God know of my trials and misfortunes (as if God didn’t know!). I certainly never doubted God’s care for me, always a light to my path. While I was blessed to have friends to help me out, I still felt alone in my struggles. Sometimes it’s hard living alone, bearing all the burdens of life and home. Still, God is faithful, God is my refuge, my strength, my portion. Even so I cried, Enough already! Save me!

I’m not one to blame the devil for my misfortunes, but I shared a Facebook meme with a friend during this storm: “The devil couldn’t take you out so he’s trying to wear you out. Don’t you dare get tired. Hold on because the tide is about to turn in your favor.” A prayer and encouragement to a friend, and to me. It is also an encouragement to you today: Listen to my cry for help, O God, and save me! He is listening. Cry out! Hold on!

The Very Rev. Sherry Black is a second-career Episcopal priest, and has been a full-time hospital chaplain for ten years. She also serves a small mission church as priest-in-charge, and is dean of her deanery.

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