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In our cover story, Alister McGrath welcomes the new Anglican Communion Science Commission with an exploration of Anglicanism’s long legacy on scientific engagement, focusing especially on two twentieth century figures, John Habgood and John Polkinghorne.

In News, Kirk Petersen reports on the mishandling by ACNA bishop Stewart Ruch of accusations of sexual abuse involving a 9-year-old girl, as well as a racial inequity audit of the Episcopal Church discussed at Executive Council and Pittsburgh’s bishop elect, Ketlen Solak.

Mark Michael introduces Archbishop Georges Titre Ande, the Anglican Church in the Congo’s new primate and discusses the fallout from a church growth initiative that some Church of England clerics interpret as hostile to traditionally trained clergy.

Elizabeth Hamilton discusses a Duke Divinity School initiative that incorporates robust theological study into the training of doctors to equip them to address their patients’ spiritual needs. Sue Careless reviews the Netflix drama Shtisel, set inside a Jerusalem Orthodox Jewish community.

Jesse Masai reports on an inspiring story of growth in Tanzania’s Diocese of Kondoa, led by the “miracle bishop,” Given Gaula. Mark Michael continues his De Terra Veritas series on the duty of public worship with a dive into classic Anglican sources.

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  • ACNA Bishop Admits Mishandling Child Abuse Case
    By Kirk Petersen


  • Anglicanism and the Natural Sciences
    By Alister McGrath
  • Medicine Engages Faith Anew
    By Elizabeth Hamilton
  • The Miracle Tanzanian Bishop with a Dream
    By Jesse Masai
  • A Promise Confirmed: A Wedding Sermon
    By Lawrence N. Crumb


  • Shtisel: A Gentle Glimpse into a Different World
    Review by Sue Careless


  • Finitude and Hope in Bioethics | Bioethics: A Primer
    for Christians, 4th edition
    Review by Gerald McKenny


  • Participation in God: A Study in Christian Doctrine and Metaphysics
    Review by Daria Spezzano


  • De terra veritas
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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