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In our cover story, Charlotte Gauthier reviews the British Museum exhibit “Thomas Becket: Murder and the Making of a Saint,” which reflects a continued fascination with the medieval Archbishop of Canterbury more than eight centuries after his death.

In News, Kirk Petersen reports on a bishop sex scandal in Canada, and a multifaceted effort by the Diocese of Washington to revitalize struggling parishes when possible, and to close them gracefully when not.

Mark Michael previews next summer’s Lambeth Conference, which will encourage the global Anglican Communion to focus on science and the global climate crisis.

Our “hybrid church” coverage continues with the second of Neva Rae Fox’s three-part series on how to do it well, and in De terra veritas, Michael reflects on the hybrid model through the lens of the parish he leads. Neva Rae also talks with church musicians about their post-pandemic plans.

In Search of Growth, William Hargrave profiles Christ Church of Tulsa, Oklahoma, which has focused on community-building and children’s programming.

Jesse Masai and Esther Mombo check in from Kenya about the intersection of church and politics. From Continental Europe, bishops Robert Innes and Mark D.W. Edington describe their diaspora ministries for the Church of England and the Episcopal Church, respectively. Robyn Douglass examines Anglican reconciliation efforts with Indigenous Australians.

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  • Canadian Bishop Resigns After Sexual Misconduct
    By Kirk Petersen


  • ‘The Hybrid Church’: Presenting it Effectively (Part 2)
    By Neva Rae Fox
  • In Search of Growth
    Christ Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma | By William Hargrave
  • Church Musicians Look to a Post-Pandemic Return
    By Neva Rae Fox
  • African Church Leaders Seek Faithful
    Political Witness | By Jesse Masai and Esther Mombo
  • Covenants and Communion: The Church(es) in Europe
    By Robert Innes and Mark D.W. Edington
  • Seeking Recognition with Indigenous Australians
    By Robyn Douglass


  • Saint Thomas Becket at the British Museum
    Review by Charlotte Gauthier


  • Pilgrimage of Awakening | Review by Titus Presler
  • The Mission of Apolo Kivebulaya| Review by Jean Cotting
  • The Bible in Australia | Review by Robyn Douglass
  • Who is an Evangelical? | Review by Andrea L. Turpin


  • De terra veritas
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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