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In News, Kirk Petersen describes the complicated legacy of the late Bishop J. Jon Bruno, and reports that the Anglican Church in North America is expanding its efforts in conservative Episcopal dioceses.

Mark Michael profiles Bishop Emma Ineson, who is developing the program for the Lambeth Conference and helping the Church of England work through major post-pandemic shifts in a new role based at Lambeth Palace.

Neva Rae Fox reports that the pandemic has not had a drastic effect on the number of clergy retirements, but has changed the nature of some of them. She also reports on a four-decade-long partnership between an Episcopal church and a synagogue in the mountains of North Carolina.

The Anglican Church in New Zealand has launched a review of the culture at St. John the Evangelist College in Auckland after complaints of an undisclosed nature, Robyn Douglass writes.

Exposure to art can provide health benefits to senior citizens, as Elizabeth Orens has seen first-hand in the Sacred Arts Group she started in Washington, DC.

Simon Cotton continues his tour of medieval English churches with a tale of an abandoned church rescued from satanists and brought back from the dead.

In the Ethics column, Philip Turner explains that a medical power of attorney is less problematic for Christians than a living will.

Book reviews focus on retirement, secularization, Winston Churchill and a saintly pastor and author, Eugene Peterson.

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  • Bishop Bruno, 74, Leaves a Complicated Legacy
    By Kirk Petersen


  • Pandemic Shifts Clergy Retirement | By Neva Rae Fox
  • Archbishops to Review New Zealand Seminary’s
    Culture | By Robyn Douglass
  • ‘We Copy His Creativity’ | By Elizabeth Orens

Communion Across Difference

  • Interfaith Relationship Flourishes for
  • More than Four Decades | By Neva Rae Fox
  • Cornerstones: The Church That Came Back
    from the Dead | By Simon Cotton


  • The Moral issues of Aging | By Philip Turner


  • A Masterly Tribute: The Music of Gerre Hancock
    Review by Geoffrey Williams


  • A New Lease of Life? | Review by Daniel Martins
  • Duty and Destiny | Review by W.L. Prehn
  • British Gods | Review by Samuel L. Richards
  • A Burning in My Bones | Review by Nathan Hoff


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