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In our cover story, Kirk Petersen asked religious tourism companies if it’s time to start thinking about pilgrimages. The answer is maybe, if you’re willing to take a leap of faith.

In News, Kirk reports that the former Bishop of Albany is leaving the Episcopal Church, and Sewanee is confronting its past after a racist incident.

Alister McGrath remembers John C. Polkinghorne, a scientist-priest who died in March, and Jesse Masai covers the consecration of the first female bishop in Kenya. Mark Michael reports on hijab-related violence at Anglican schools in Nigeria.

In our Communion Across Difference series, Neva Rae Fox describes how an affluent coastal church and a blue-collar parish in the shadow of Disneyland have formed a partnership that benefits both.

In Cultures, Amber Noel describes a London charity run by a “Showbiz Rev” that provides artists and other creatives a clearinghouse for emotional and spiritual services and resources.

Priests are called to suffer alongside their flock — bearing burdens together before returning exhausted to the altar. Mark Michael explores this theme in De terra veritas.

It’s the Spring Book issue, and the major focus is on C.S. Lewis. Reviews cover three books about the man and his work, and Christine Havens explores 11 titles that take science fiction and fantasy “beyond Narnia.”  Other reviews feature a Bible for nonbelievers, the theology of pregnancy, and the inspiring, if ultimately fatal efforts of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Alexander Men to oppose totalitarian regimes.

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  • Uncertainty in Albany as Bishop Love Departs
    By Kirk Petersen
  • John Polkinghorne, Scientist and Priest, Dies at 90
    By Alister McGrath


  • Disciples, Prepare to Visit All Nations
    By Kirk Petersen
  • Communion Across Difference
    In Disneyland’s Shadow, Two Churches Work Together
    to Help Struggling Employees | By Neva Rae Fox


  • London Artists Explore ‘The Wilderness’
    By Amber Noel


  • Dorothy and Jack and Splendor in the Dark
    Review by Andrew Lazo
  • C.S. Lewis and the Christian Worldview
    Review by J. Scott Jackson
  • Beyond Narnia: An 11-Book Theological Quest
    Through New Lands | Review by Christine Havens
  • The Word on Fire Bible
    Review by Nathan J.A. Humphrey
  • Showing | Review by Jeff Boldt
  • Two Martyrs in a Godless World
    Review by Charles Hoffacker


  • De terra veritas
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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