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In our cover story, Dennis Raverty examines one of Rembrandt’s most famous paintings, The Supper at Emmaus, in which Jesus transgresses kosher law to make a point about resurrection.

An American priest who became a senior Canadian bishop has returned to America as an assisting bishop, and Kirk Petersen has the story.

Mark Michael tells of an Australian bishop, strapped for cash and faced with more pulpits than priests, who is looking for new ministers who will raise their own financial support.

Dr. Lisa Gilbert, a physician with theological training, understood the severity of COVID-19 earlier than most. She sounded the alarm for TLC readers early in March 2020, well before professional sports evaporated. A year later, we spoke with her again to preview how the pandemic may end.

One congregation admires the other’s stability; the second admires the youth and vitality of the first. Neva Rae Fox reports that although they speak different languages, they share a building and a rector in Washington state.

In our ongoing series of vignettes on the newest saints of the Episcopal calendar, Charles Hoffacker describes Zenaida, Philonella, and Hermione, the “Unmercenary Physicians” of the early first century.

Simon Cotton continues his exploration of church architecture in the tiny English village of Isle Abbots.  Bishop Emma Ineson preaches hope amidst contagion. In Cæli enarrant, Christopher Wells concludes his trilogy on the nature of hierarchy.

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  • Bishop Melissa Skelton Returns to Olympia


  • The Lights of the World
    April 14: Zenaida, Philonella, and Hermione,
    Unmercenary Physicians
    By Charles Hoffacker
  • Cornerstones: The Whirligig of Time
    in Isle Abbots | By Simon Cotton
  • One Year Later
    Pandemic Update with Dr. Lisa Gilbert
    By Kirk Petersen
  • Communion Across Difference
    A ‘Binary Star’ Shares Space and a Priest
    By Neva Rae Fox


  • A Living Hope in a Heartsick World | By Emma Ineson


  • Rembrandt’s Un-Kosher Supper | By Dennis Raverty
  • The Black Church | Review by Brandt L. Montgomery


  • Two Books on Austin Farrar | Review by Charles Hoffacker
  • Pilgrims | Review by Ian McCormack
  • A History of the Church Through Its Buildings
    Review by Stephen Platten
  • Pearly Gates | Review by Christine Havens


  • Cæli enarrant
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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