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In our cover story, Neva Rae Fox describes how palm crosses made in southern Tanzania provide the basis for a ministry in the United States, as we approach a second Palm Sunday without traditional palm-waving processions.

In News, Kirk Petersen reports that continued efforts by the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) to wrestle with issues of human sexuality have spiraled into an international controversy, first between ACNA and its nominal ally, the Church of Nigeria, and then between Nigeria and its nominal ally in Canterbury.

Mark Michael describes tensions between the Church of Uganda and the nation’s president, connected with the 44th anniversary of a martyred archbishop, and reports on plans for a new province to unite Anglicans in Mozambique and Angola.

Episcopalians in Forth Worth have lost what appears to be their last appeal in decade-long property litigation, and Kirk has the story.

The Episcopal Church’s director of government relations talks with TLC about the January 6 riot across the street from her office building in Washington, as she begins advocating for the Church’s causes with a new administration.

March 13 is the feast day of the first Bishop of Haiti, and Haitian-born Archdeacon J. Fritz Bazin traces the history from James Theodore Holly’s pioneering work to the diocese’s present-day struggles with self-governance and its relationship to the broader church.

March 26 is the feast day of Mother Harriet Monsell, the 19th-century monastic, and Ian McCormack celebrates her founding of the Community of St. John the Baptist.

The faithful everywhere are looking ahead to post-pandemic worship. G. Jeffrey MacDonald describes a yoga ministry in Wyoming, while Robyn Douglass provides glimpses of the future from Australia, where the island-continent has fared better than much of the world because of its isolation.

In Cæli enarrant, Christopher Wells continues his reflections on the nature of hierarchy, and on the responsibility and accountability that accompany holy power.

This 48-page Parish Ministry issue has architectural tales from Georgia and Australia, reports on virtual liturgical realities in the years to come, plus more news, book reviews, People & Places and more, from an independent voice covering the Episcopal and Anglican world since 1878. Consider subscribing today.


  • ACNA and Nigeria Primates Clash over Sexuality
  • Dispatch from Capitol Hill with Rebecca Linder Blachly
    By Kirk Petersen


  • The Lights of the World
    March 26: Harriet Monsell, Monastic, 1883
  • Palm Cross Ministry for a Pandemic Palm Sunday
    By Neva Rae Fox
  • ‘Filling People with God’ | By G. Geoffrey MacDonald
  • Postcard from the Future? | By Robyn Douglass
  • Come into the Fields | By Stephen Herbert
  • More than Building Design | By Robyn Douglass
  • Reclaiming Our Nomadic Roots | By Richard LeSueur


  • The Secular Carnival of the Internet | By Karen Slade


  • Foundations of Chaplaincy
    Review by Joshua Rodriguez-Hobbs
  • The Minister’s Wife | Review by Marcia Hotchkiss
  • Preparing for a Better End | Review by Jason Poling


  • Cæli enarrant
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings

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