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In our cover story, Neva Rae Fox describes how nearby churches in Trenton and Princeton — an inner city and a wealthy suburb — forged a partnership that started with a memorial to the victims of gun violence.

In News, Kirk Petersen explains Executive Council’s plans to provide substantial financial help to the dioceses, and reports about candidates for bishop in the Diocese of South Carolina, which has not had a full-time bishop diocesan since 2012.

Mark Michael reports on a new alliance between Montreal Diocesan Theological Seminary and United Theological Seminary, also in Montreal. Neva Rae Fox describes the impact of the pandemic on prison ministries.

Some congregations are turning to off-site, “virtual assistants” to support church offices. G. Jeffrey MacDonald evaluates the pros and cons.

In Ethics, Deonna Neal wrestles with the moral and theological considerations of assisted reproductive technologies for infertile couples.

Steve Schlossberg takes a deep dive into the theology of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Geoffrey Williams reviews the vibrant music of the Liturgy of St. Chrysostom, in which the St. Tikhon Choir “sets a new standard for excellence in the American choral landscape.”

And this is the annual issue in which we thank and recognize the many people, churches, dioceses and organizations that supported TLC financially in 2020. We literally could not operate without our generous donors, and we are deeply grateful.

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  • Council Considers Funds, Carbon, Nationalism
    By Kirk Petersen


  • ‘These Are Not Robots’
    Virtual Assistants Help Congregations Fulfill
    Their Ministries | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • An Insult to Reformed Theology
    By Steve Schlossberg
    Sharing Burdens, Building a Wall
    By Neva Rae Fox
  • 2020 Living Church Donors


  • Begetting vs. ‘Making’ Children | By Deonna Neal


  • Vibrant New Choral Music for the Church’s
    Eastern Lung | Review by Geoffrey Williams


  • A Philosophy of the Christian Religion
    Review by Matt Boulter
  • Love in Action | Review by Elisabeth Rain Kincaid
  • Scripture, Skepticism, and the Character of God
    Review by Mark Chapman


  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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