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The cover story by G. Jeffrey MacDonald describes the increasing demand for deacons, particularly in financially strapped parishes and dioceses. But while the number of deacons has risen over the past decade, the median age of a deacon is 73, and efforts are under way to recruit younger deacons.

When a deranged gunman was shot and killed by police on the steps of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, one of the priests there recalled another fatal shooting 12 years ago on the property of a Pennsylvania church, where he served as rector. Kirk Petersen has the story.

Jordan Hylden examines whether the Episcopal Church still welcomes traditionalist priests who, like him, oppose same-sex marriage. His answer is a resounding yes.

In CULTURES, Ben Lima dives deeply into the psychology of Salvador Dalí, as expressed through his illustrations for Dante’s Divine Comedy, currently on display at the Dallas Museum of Art.

In Cæli enarrant, Christopher Wells says that although St. Thomas Aquinas lived centuries before the formation of the Anglican Church, he nevertheless based his work on an Anglican foundation of Scripture, tradition and reason.

In the news, the Diocese of Chicago elects a black female bishop, GAFCON sets its sights on the Anglican Church of Australia, and a priest dies at 108, more than four decades after he retired.

Bishop Gregory Brewer reviews Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry’s latest book, Love is the Way, saying the book’s all-encompassing prescription of “Love” may be simple, “but it is certainly not naïve,” and the book takes full advantage of the author’s oratorical skills.

Timothy P. O’Malley finds a surprising thread of ecumenism weaving through two books of essays about the man born Joseph Ratzinger, now known as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

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  • Cathedral Gunman Reminds Priest of Earlier Shooting


  • Deacons Play Evolving Role
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • After the Bishop Love Trial, Does the
    Episcopal Church Welcome Us?
    By Jordan Hylden
  • Egypt’s Anglicans Offer Quiet Challenge to Intolerance
    By Samy Fawzy Shehata


  • Dalí and the Psychology of Sin | By Ben lima


  • Love Is the Way | Review by Gregory Brewer
  • Joseph Ratzinger and the Healing of the Reformation-Era
    Divisions and The Theology of Benedict XVI
    Review by Timothy P. O’Malley
  • Daily Grace | Review by James Stambaugh
  • Orthodox Anglican Identity and The Future of Orthodox
    Anglicanism | Review by Eugene R. Schlesinger
  • Following Christ | Review by Brit Frazier
  • Holiness and Desire | Review by Wes Hill
  • Inspiring Service | Review by Justus Hunter


  • Cæli enarrant
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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