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The cover story is an essay by Stewart Clem, examining Jesus’ command to “give to everyone who begs from you.” David Munson, Jr. urges listening to the Holy Spirit in deciding what to give.

In the news, the Rt. Rev. William Love resigned as Bishop of Albany, thereby putting an end to the disciplinary process surrounding his lonely struggle on same-sex marriage. Kirk Petersen has the details.

Mark Michael reports that an Anglican priest has been elected president of Seychelles, a small island nation east of Tanzania, in the first peaceful transition of power in the young nation’s history. In other international stories, there is a new apolitical Archbishop of Hong Kong, and Nigerian bishops urge both sides to be non-violent as protests continue against police brutality.

Saint Thomas Choir School in New York relocated for six weeks to a leafy retreat center in Connecticut, and Neva Rae Fox describes the joy the boys felt in singing together as a choir after a period of group quarantine.

David Goodhew dives into the latest membership and attendance statistics for the Church, and finds reasons to be hopeful despite the falling numbers.

In the second of two reports from a visit to the Navajo Nation, Correspondent G. Jeffrey MacDonald and Photographer Asher Imtiaz describe how the Church’s past effort to enforce assimilation has given way to honoring the Navajo traditions in the context of Christianity.

Simon Cotton traces the history of an English church through the 16th-century wills of wealthy parishioners.

The Living Church Foundation has invested more than a year in collaboration and discernment to produce “Strategic Plan 2020,” a five-year road map that we are happy to share with you in this issue.

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  • Bishop William Love Resigns


  • Facing Episcopal Church Decline —
    The Latest Numbers | By David Goodhew
  • The Holy Spirit and Giving | By David Munson, Jr.
  • Navajo ‘Evangelism’ No Longer Means ‘Assimilation’
    By G. Jeffrey Macdonald, with photos by Asher Imtiaz
  • Strategic Plan 2020: The Living Church Foundation
  • Cornerstones
    ‘Placebo, Dirige, and Gilding the Perke’
    Piety and Benevolence at St. Catherine’s, Fritton
    By Simon Cotton


  • ‘The Poor You Will Always Have with You’
    Kingdom Logic and the Ethics of Almsgiving
    By Stewart Clem


  • Seeing God in Art and A Guide to Christian Art
    Review by Stephen Platten
  • The Journey to the Mayflower | Review by Chip Prehn
  • The Mindful Elite | Review by Sam Keyes
  • No Avatars Allowed | Review by Everett Lees
  • Nostalgia | Review by Wilfred M. McClay


  • Letters to the Editor
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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