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The September 6 Parish Ministry edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

At 64 pages, this is the largest issue of the year. Nearly half of it serves as a tribute to the dozens of churches, dioceses and organizations that financially support TLC. Viewed collectively, the photos and brief descriptions of each supporter provide a sweeping panorama of the Church. TLC quite literally could not exist without this broad support.

Thank you.

In the news, Neva Rae Fox describes the steps being taken by Episcopal schools across America as they make tentative plans for reopening safely. Mike Patterson profiles a small-town church in Western Kentucky that is wrestling with the possibility of hiring a virtual rector.

The Church has not canceled — yet — the 2021 General Convention in Baltimore, but as Kirk Petersen reports, the backup plan is to push the triennial governance gathering to 2022, still in Baltimore. Many questions remain.

Internationally, Mark Michael weighs in with reports on a “shattering” financial crisis for cathedrals in the Church of England; a North India bishop who has been stripped of his orders; the destruction of a church in a Uganda property dispute; and a claim that the Archbishop of Canterbury mishandled abuse allegations against his former mentor.

In the features section, G. Jeffrey MacDonald describes how youth ministries are responding to a pandemic that precludes typical youth programs such as pilgrimages, social events, and service projects. Sarah Cornwell discusses the importance of temperate language in an environment of anger and fear.

Tim Bascom reviews Da 5 Bloods, a Spike Lee film about a rescue mission during the Vietnam War, illustrating along the way the disparate toll of Black casualties during that conflict.

In our Ethics column, lawyer-priest James F. Sweeney describes four recent rulings on religious liberty issues by the United States Supreme Court.

In his De terra veritas column, Editor Mark Michael announces The Living Word, a new digital sermon resource focused on the weekly lectionary readings. TLW will launch September 7 and provide sample sermons from gifted preachers, excerpts from classic texts, and relevant articles from the 142-year archives of TLC.

All this plus more news, book reviews, People & Places and Sunday’s Readings, from an independent voice covering the Episcopal and Anglican world since 1878. Consider subscribing today.


  • Episcopal Schools Return with Focus on Faith,
    Justice, and Safety | By Neva Rae Fox
  • Can a Parish Thrive with a Virtual Rector?
    By Mike Patterson


  • Youth Ministries Adapt, Focus on Spiritual Renewal
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • Watching Your Language | By Sarah Cornwell
  • Partner Spotlights 2020


  • Blood at Boil | By Tim Bascom


  • Religious Liberty Dominates Supreme Court’s Term
    By James E. Sweeney


  • Biblical Fracking | Review by James Stambaugh
  • Diary of a Pastor’s Soul | Review by Craig Loya
  • Caring | Review by David Svahn


  • De terra veritas
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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