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In our cover story, G. Jeffrey MacDonald describes how congregations around the country are starting or expanding gardens — like the Victory Gardens of World War I and II — to help support food banks.

Kirk Petersen writes about the newfound dangers of choral music, and explains why it may be quite a while before choirs perform in person again.

Mark Michael reports from the worldwide Anglican Communion about cost-cutting in the Church of England; a new bishop for Egypt and the planned Province of Alexandria; and a missionary in Nigeria who is recovering from a shooting.

Wesley Arning shares his experience leading a parish where the previous priest committed suicide.

Robert Alan Glover gets some tips from a man who helps parishes make videos

In words and pictures, Mark Clavier describes seeking God on a mountaintop in Wales.

Christine Havens explores the “cli-fi” climate genre, and in Cornerstones, Simon Cotton explores a thousand-year-old chapel that looms above a French village.

In Culture, Retta Blaney interviews playwright Darrel Alejandro Holnes, whose latest play, Bayano, debuted at the National Black Theatre in Harlem.

Book reviews: Like There’s No Tomorrow and Climage Generation, both on climate change; two books of devotions by Russ Levenson; and a bishop reviews Sacrificing the Church, on ecumenical theology.

In the Ethics column, Andrew Thompson examines climate change as a challenge to Christ’s lordship of all creation.

De terra veritas considers 19th-century Bishop Jackson Kember in the context of Part Time Is Plenty, by G. Jeffrey MacDonald and based in part on his reporting for TLC.

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  • Choir Is Now Dangerous | By Kirk Petersen


  • Picking Up the Pieces Together | By Wesley Arning
  • When Seeing Definitely is Believing | By Robert Alan Glover
  • Finding God at Cwm Cau | By Mark Clavier
  • CORNERSTONES: Making Lemonade in the Auvergne | By Simon Cotton
  • Clif-Fi: What Is It and Why Is It Important to the Church? | By Christine Havens


  • Breaking From Things That Oppress Us | By Retta Blaney


  • Like There’s No Tomorrow | Review by Pam Hyde
  • Climate Generation | Review by Lucas Briola
  • Bits of Heaven and Finding Shelter | Review by Patrick Gahan
  • Sacrificing the Church | Review by John Bauerschmidt


  • Climate Change and the Lordship of Christ | By Andrew Thompson


  • De terra veritas
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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