In the Headlines: Fallout From a Photo Op

Screen capture from Washington Post video

The Inconceivable Strangeness of Trump’s Bible Photo-Op, Slate

Trump’s Response to Protests Draws Bipartisan Rebuke in Congress, New York Times

Sasse Slams Clearing of Protesters for Trump’s Church Photo Opportunity, National Review

Peaceful Protesters Tear-Gassed To Clear Way For Trump Church Photo-Op, NPR

‘The Bible is not a prop’: Religious leaders, lawmakers outraged over Trump church visit, NBC News

Pentagon official says Defense Secretary Esper and Chairman Milley were not aware of Trump church photo-op plan, CNBC

Trump praises ‘overwhelming force’ and ‘domination’ in DC morning after peaceful protest broken up for photo op, ABC News

Tim Scott: Lafayette Square should not have been cleared for Trump, Politico

Australia Launches Investigation After Brutal Police Attack on Journalists for Trump’s Photo Op, Towleroad

DC mayor says using tear gas on protesters outside White House before curfew is ‘shameful,’ USA Today

‘They turned holy ground into a battleground’: clergy teargassed by Washington police, The Guardian


Cruz and Cornyn stand by Trump on tear gas, church photo-op as Democrats slam dictator-like tactics, Dallas Morning News

Rubio defends Trump after criticism over St. John’s ‘photo op,’ Fox News


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