Podcasts: On Reopening, and Praying to the “Son of David”

Fr. Michael
Bp. Budde

In one of the most recent episodes of The Living Church Podcast, the Rt. Rev. Marian Budde, Bishop of Washington, discusses the potential long-term effects of the pandemic, whether people will physically return to church after the crisis, and what the lockdown means for a faith tradition that is focused on sacramental worship.

The Rev. Mark Michael, editor of TLC and rector at St. Francis in Potomac, Maryland, reflects in another episode on “Son of David,” a name for Jesus Christ that is not commonly used today, but that occurs repeatedly in the Gospels, especially in the words of supplicants. The name is invoked in the Book of Common Prayer in “The Supplication,” for use “especially in times of war, or of national anxiety, or of disaster.”

Listen here.


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