Touchless Environment Prompts Bible Studies to Go Virtual

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As churches across the country scramble to provide online worship services, some faith leaders are looking for ways to go deeper and create an atmosphere that replicates the life of the church family, amidst a touchless environment.

The Rev. Charlie Holt

The Rev. Charlie Holt, author and president of Houston-based Bible Study Media, has created a Bible-study curriculum for the 50-day Easter Season, suitable for use by an online community that mirrors the intimate setting of an in-person small group.

Holt is the author of The Crucified Life, The Resurrected Life, The Spirit-filled Life, and Draw Near.

“Easter is all about the hope we have in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Hope typically abounds during this time of the year with beautiful spring weather, longer and brighter days, glorious Easter worship; and family gatherings,” said Holt. “Sadly, hope is not what we hear these days. Instead there is sickness, pessimism, isolation, and separation. Believers are desperate for genuine connection and news about a new life and hope. The new Bible Study Media online community platform offers that for the great 50 days following Easter.”

Holt says that while his team has spent the last few weeks scurrying to transfer Bible Study Media curriculum from print to online, many Christians will be familiar with Bible Study Media content.  To date, more than 200 churches across the U.S. and around the world have participated in Bible Study Media curriculum through small groups in the home, Wednesday night church programs and Sunday School classes. What’s different today is the meeting space and how the content is presented.

Holt likens the new virtual space to what you would experience when you arrive at a small group at a home.

“New members of the community platform will first arrive to a virtual ‘kitchen’, which is the landing page and where you will see daily content on the activity feed for members. This is where believers can gather as a group and engage in friendly conversation and encouragement. They then continue the journey further into community by pulling up a ‘chair’ in the ‘living room’, this would be their individual or private small group or church group study, to dig deep into The Resurrected Life and/or A Living Hope virtual course and connect as a community.” said Holt.

For this Easter season, Bible Study Media is offering two Easter courses which are available for churches, small groups and individuals. The Resurrected Life: Making All Things New, written by Holt, which will start on Monday, April 13 and A Living Hope: A Study of 1 Peter, written by up and coming Christian author Sarah Viggiano Wright, which begins on April 19. Participants will receive the following as part of their membership:

  • A moderated and engaging community with fellow Christians and seekers.
  • Personal interaction with the Bible Study Media ministry team.
  • Direct access and online opportunities to engage with the course instructors.
  • Thoughtful daily devotional readings with reflection questions and scriptural reading assignments.
  • Weekly video lessons with assignments that can help you engage deeper and apply the learnings to your life.
  • The opportunity to participate in online conversations and discussions with the Bible study authors.

Holt added, “I pray people here in the U.S. and around the world will join these studies and bring a friend or a small group or even their church, there are options for all of them. These studies will remind us that in these challenging times we always have a new life and hope through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

To learn more or to sign up please choose one of the following options:

The Resurrected Life

A Living Hope


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