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In this issue’s cover story, G. Jeffrey MacDonald describes how churches are wrestling with the challenges of moving their worship services online. Meanwhile, Ephraim Radner considers the possible downsides of worshiping online at all.

In the News section, Kirk Petersen reports on the special coronavirus challenges faced by Episcopal congregations in the Diocese of Haiti — starting with the fact that many homes lack running water for hand-washing. Mark Michael describes push-back in the Church of England to clergy being banned from entering their churches, even alone for live-streaming.

In the Ethics column, Stanley Hauerwas laments the loss of the everyday habits that underpin our relationships with others.

In Cæli enarrant, Christopher Wells explores how we can disagree on matters of importance and yet continue to honor our shared faith.

The Spring Books issue is packed with an eclectic collection of reviews, with topics including St; Augustine, Paul’s letter to the Romans, Norse mythology, social decadence, and a bishop’s debut novel dealing with values of the prairie.

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  • Pandemic Poses Extra Challenges in Haiti
  • English Archbishops Bar Clergy from Their Churches


  • Liturgy Online | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • Should We Live-stream Worship? Maybe not.
    By Ephraim Radner
  • Praying with St. Thomas Aquinas | By Simon Cotton


  • Plague-spell and Death of a Singer
    Poems by Marly Youmans


  • The Everyday Matters | By Stanley Hauerwas


  • On the Road with St. Augustine | Review by Mac Stewart
  • Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes
    Review by Neil Dhingra
  • Of Green Stuff Woven | Review by Christina Havens
  • The Penguin Book of Norse Myths and Norse Mythology
    Review by Hannah Matis
  • The Decadent Society | Review by Brandt L. Montgomery


  • Cæli enarrant
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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