Help Your Church Apply for CARES Act Funding

The Living Church is committed to equipping your congregation to continue steadfastly serving God and your community in this time of crisis.

Update: But What About …
The Small Business Administration has published an FAQ about how the Paycheck Protection Program applies to religious organizations — specifically with regard to tax status, autonomy and religious freedom issues. The short version: Don’t worry. The full version is attached at the bottom, or at the link above.

Thanks to so many of you who tuned in to our April 2 videoconference on resources available to churches through the CARES Act — the $2.2 trillion rescue legislation passed by the U.S. Congress. The archived video is above.

David Heywood, an experienced tax attorney and a lay leader in his local Episcopal Church, summarized the act’s programs that provide benefits for churches, and his notes are attached. We are also attaching the latest version of the Paycheck Protection Program loan, which was revised overnight on April 3.

TLC is also responding in other ways to support our fellow Christians and their congregations in these challenging days. We’re sharing free daily news stories from around the world, and reflections on theological, liturgical, moral, and pastoral issues raised by current events on our Covenant blog. We have begun releasing podcasts discussing classic texts of comfort and big theological questions, as well as offering practical guidance on issues like homeschooling, working fruitfully from home, and managing anxiety and stress.

We’re in this together, praying for you, and sharing all we can.

— Mark Michael
Editor, The Living Church

COVID 19 Benefits by Kirk Petersen on Scribd

Paycheck Protection Program Application 3-30-2020 v3 by Kirk Petersen on Scribd


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