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The March 22 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

The cover image of the coronavirus relates to two articles: A news item by Kirk Petersen about the Church center’s response, and an extended interview with physician and theologian Lisa Gilbert, who examines the crisis from both disciplines.

In this Parish Ministry issue, Kirk Petersen also writes about the 10 fastest-growing Episcopal churches in the country. Yes, some churches are growing.

G. Jeffrey MacDonald follows up on the case of a suspended priest accused of sexual assault and child pornography, and the screening processes that failed to detect a problem.

He also examines how churches around the country are making ends meet by sharing their buildings with other missions.

A man admired for his work with mentally disabled people was found, after his death, to have had coercive sexual relationships with six women. Ian Paul describes the sense of shock and betrayal, and examines the danger of treating anyone like a living saint.

The Morgan Library and Museum has an exhibit dedicated to the Rose Book of Ruth, and Pamela A. Lewis provides an appreciation of the artistry, calligraphy and iconography.

In our Ethics column, Simon Cuff challenges us to recognize that homelessness means much more than just houselessness, and declares that “homelessness is avoidable where there is social and political will.”

Five book reviews cluster around the magazine’s theme of Parish Ministry, offering insights on coping with disaster; growing the church; pastoring based on the Gospels and the letters of Paul; how to preach about money; and pastoring in a secular society.

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  • The Fastest Growing Episcopal Churches
  • Coronavirus Begins to Disrupt Church Activities


  • Sharing Spaces, Finding Missions
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • COVID-19: An Interview with Dr. Lisa Gilbert
    By Abigail Wooley Cutter
  • Learning from the Case of Jean Vanier | By Ian Paul


  • The Book of Ruth: Medieval to Modern
    Review by Pamela A. Lewis


  • Growing Through Disaster | Review by Dane Neufeld
  • The Death and Resurrection of the Episcopal Church
    Review by Charlie Clauss
  • Four Ministries, One Jesus and Pastor Paul
    Review by David and Elizabeth Baumann
  • God vs. Money | Review by Henry McQueen
  • The Pastor in a Secular Age | Review by Ryan Pollock


  • Homelessness | By Simon Cuff


  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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