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The March 8 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

In the cover story of the Lent Books issue, G. Jeffrey MacDonald introduces us to a group of artists, some of them homeless, who find therapy through art at a Boston church.

The News section includes articles from Kirk Petersen reporting a joyous welcome home for the Cuban church, and a newly announced home for the 2024 General Convention. The Diocese of Texas is committing $13 million to slavery reparations, and Mark Michael has the details.

Charles Hoffacker sings the praises of the songless Holy Saturday service (no, not the Great Vigil), and Mark Clavier peers into the soul of a melancholy priest.

In the second article of TLC‘s new Ethics department, Victor Lee Austin makes a moral case against euthanasia, even in the hardest cases.

Have you seen any good Lent movies lately? Paul F.M. Zahl has four suggestions from Hollywood’s Golden Era.

And it wouldn’t be a Lent Books issue without Lent books now, would it? Mark Michael surveys the genre in De terra veritas, and six authors review six volumes that explore Lent and other spiritual themes.

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  • ¡Cuba Sí! TEC Officially welcomes Its newest Diocese
  • Louisville Chosen for GC 2024


  • They Made Me an Artist | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • Holy Saturday: A Brief and Humble Service
    By Charles Hoffacker
  • The Melancholy of Gethsemane | By Mark Clavier


  • Lent in the Movies | By Paul F.M. Zahl


  • Aid in Dying | By Victor Lee Austin


  • The Lord’s Prayer | Review by Christopher Yoder
  • Churchianity vs. Christianity and How to Be a Sinner
    Review by Justin Lewis-Anthony
  • Jesus Wasn’t Killed by the Jews
    Review by Daniel Joslyn-Siemiatkoski
  • Contemplating Christ | Review by John Mason Lock
  • The Word Is Near You | Review by Calvin Lane
  • The Spiritual Way | Review by Joshua Caler


  • De terra veritas
  • Sunday’s Readings


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