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In the cover story of the Retreat & Camps issue, G. Jeffrey MacDonald reports that attendance is growing at Episcopal summer camps, as the emphasis on hospitality is growing and faith formation is declining.

In the inaugural offering of TLC‘s new Ethics department, Deonna D. Neal describes how honoring the limitations of the marital vows can provide a sense of freedom.

After meeting by chance on a social media thread, two Minnesota men have launched a society to promote the praying of the Daily Office. Mike Patterson has the story.

In the News, Kirk Petersen reports that 11 years of litigation over the property of the former Diocese of Quincy has ended with a settlement.

Meanwhile, Mark Michael explains that the Church of England’s ban on blessing civil partnerships applies not just to same-sex partnerships, but also to new provisions for opposite-sex civil partnerships.

Elizabeth Anderson says that while the words of the prayer book are important, we risk missing the full power of the liturgy by focusing solely on the rational meaning of words.

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  • TEC and ACNA Settle Diocese of Quincy Lawsuit
  • Church of England Bishops Say No
    to Blessing Civil Partnerships


  • Church Camps Surging, But Changing
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • New Society Spreads Commitment to the Daily Office
    By Mike Patterson
  • More Than Words | By Elisabeth Anderson
  • The Living Church 2019 Donors


  • Christian Marriage’s Freedom of Limitations
    By Deonna D. Neal


  • In Conversation | Review by Christine Havens
  • Seeing God | Review by Jarred Mercer
  • Spirituality and Reform | Review by Hannah W. Matis


  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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