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The issue focuses on becoming “Beloved Community” through racial reconciliation, approaching the topic from a variety of directions.

Society and the Church are talking about reparations for slavery. Katy Crane examines the enormous challenges of devising an equitable system, while Hugh R. Page, Jr. describes how seminaries have left priests ill-equipped to apply theology to racial issues.

Terence Chandra, a black Anglican priest once accused of practicing “a white man’s religion,” sees all the historical and cultural roadblocks to racial reconciliation, yet still finds hope.

As a white girl of 8, Retta Blaney was at a Baltimore amusement park in 1963 when an 11-month-old girl became the first African-American allowed on the carousel. That baby girl grew up and wrote a book about it, and Blaney connected with the author 56 years later.

Rebecca Bridges Watts reviews a memoir by a white woman who grew up steeped in Southern racism, then devoted her life to integration efforts. G. Jeffrey MacDonald describes a New York City program to help released prisoners reintegrate into society.

Outside the racial theme, Richard J. Mammana reflects on his work with Anglicans Online, a far-ranging news and reference site that stopped posting updates in October 2019. In Cæli enarrant, Christopher Wells dives deeply into the 16th-century works of Richard Hooker.

Russell Levenson still won’t perform same-sex marriages, but he’s come to see God’s grace in many gay couples. He reaches out to partisans in both directions, that we all may be one.

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  • Trinity Wall Street Rector Resigns Abruptly


  • Raising Voices After Prison | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • Anglicans Online: A Retrospective
    By Richard J. Mammana
  • At the Table of Fellowship | By Terence Chandra
  • Reparations: No Black-and-White Solution
    By Katy Crane
  • Thinking Theologically About Reparations
    By Hugh R. Page, Jr.
  • A History We Share | By Retta Blaney
  • Sarah Patton Boyle and the Desegregation of the
    Human Heart | By Rebecca Bridges Watts
  • So then… do we really want to be one? | By Russell Levenson


  • A Terrible Freedom: A Hidden Life
    Review by Jonathan Heaps


  • Faithful Investing | Review by Kirsten Snow Spalding
  • Hallelujah, Anyhow! – A Memoir
    Review by Robert Tobin
  • Trust First | Review by Paul Hunter


  • Cæli enarrant
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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