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In our cover story, Mark Michael assesses the massive exhibition of William Blake’s work at London’s Tate Britain Museum.

The Diocese of New York committed $1.1 million from its endowment to be used for reparations for slavery, Kirk Petersen reports. Long after slavery was ended in the state, New York City’s economy continued to rely heavily on the shipment of enslaved people.

Kirk Petersen also describes how an Episcopalian in Maryland devised a cost-effective system for providing eyeglasses to impoverished people who have no access to an optometrist — there are 2.5 billion of them in the world.

G. Jeffrey MacDonald discusses research and efforts to counteract the fact that mood disorders such as anxiety and depression are more common in church workers than the population at large.

Episcopalians tend to shy away from discussing hell, but Hannah Bowman argues that it is an appropriate topic for Advent. There’s also an extended excerpt from Four Last Things, one of a dozen topics covered in TLC‘s new educational brochure series called “Anglicans Believe.”

Reviews include: David Palmer on Zabur, an album by various artists focusing on the Psalms; Dominique Peridans on a collection of Advent meditations; and Cole Hartin on universalism in David Bentley Hart’s new book, That All Shall Be Saved.

Christopher Wells reviews John Jewel’s theology of the church in Cæli enarrant.

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  • NY Diocese Earmarks $1.1 Million for Reparations
    By Kirk Petersen


  • Giving the Gift of Sight to the Neediest
    By Kirk Petersen
  • Facing an Invisible Storm: On Depression and Anxiety
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • God with Us in Hell | By Hannah Bowman
  • Four Last Things | An excerpt from The Living Church’s
    pamphlet series, “Anglicans Believe”


  • William Blake: Advent’s Radical Prophet
    By Mark Michael
  • Psalms of Hope in the Face of Death
    Review by David Palmer


  • Expectant | Review by Dominique Peridans
  • That ALL Shall Be Saved | Review by Cole Hartin


  • Cæli enarrant
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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