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In our cover story, Mike Patterson describes a sheepish new ministry.

Mark Michael reports that Anglican leaders from the Global South have proposed a new covenant to guide their mutual relationships, establishing a structure much like the Anglican instruments of communion, but not centered on Canterbury.

The Episcopal Church has purchased stock in three gun manufacturers, which qualifies the church to pursue shareholder resolutions aimed at reducing gun violence. G. Jeffrey MacDonald traces nearly half a century of shareholder activism by the church.

Should your church enable parishioners and visitors to donate or pay their pledges on their smartphones? Kirk Petersen explains why it’s not for everyone.

In an extended interview, Sean Rowe describes the benefits and challenges of simultaneously serving two adjacent dioceses as bishop,

Furman Buchanan received half of a paperback book more than 30 years ago. Read how it changed his life.

David Goodhew says the “prosperity gospel” has little to do with the actual gospel — and yet, Anglicans can learn from it.

Reviews in this Books & Gifts issue focus on charity and systemic poverty, the spiritual history of crude oil, and the development of religious freedom.

In his De terra veritas column, Mark Michael derives a spiritual lesson from his encounters with a modern beggar.

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  • Global South Anglicans Launch New Covenant
    News Analysis | By Mark Michael


  • Investing for an Impact | By G. Jeffrey MacDonald
  • A Practical Church Guide to Digital Pledge Systems
    By Kirk Petersen
  • A Miraculous Gift | By Furman Buchanan
  • Two Dioceses, Two States, One Bishop
    An interview with the Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe
    By Kirk Petersen
  • Why I Believe in the Prosperity Gospel (Sort of)
    By David Goodhew


  • A world of Grays: Kingfishers Catch Fire
    By Retta Blaney


  • Shrewd Samaritan | Review by Michael Tessman
  • Anointed with Oil | Review by Dane Neufeld
  • Liberty in the Things of God | Review by Andrew Gilmour


  • De terra veritas
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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