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The September 22 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

This Fall Books issue includes a report from Kirk Petersen about churches in the Appalachians running summer reading camps for kids with reading deficits, and an article by G. Jeffrey MacDonald about monks who are practicing the ancient trade of book-binding as new technology disrupts the market.

There are reviews of books on topics ranging from scriptural commentary to prayer book revision to a history of the bible and more, and ads from religious publishers offering their most recent wares.

It’s not all books — Mark Michael describes the controversial, off-beat attractions that are bringing more people into English cathedrals, and his De terra veritas column traces the temptations of revising the Lord’s Prayer.



  • Appalachian Churches Help Kids with Reading Deficits
    By Kirk Petersen
  • Controversial Attractions Boost Visits to english
    Cathedrals | By Mark Michael


  • Book-Crafting Monks Confront new Technology
    By G. Jeffrey MacDonald


  • The Virtues of Horror | By Sam Keyes


  • A History of the Bible | Review by Paul D. Wheatley
  • Judges and Ruth | Review by Isabelle Hamley
  • Issues in Prayer Book Revision: Volume 1
    Review by Calvin Lane
  • Opening Israel’s Scriptures | Review by Anthony J. Petrotta
  • Grievous | Review by Victor Lee Austin

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