8/28 People and Places

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  • The Rev. Chase Ackerman is rector of St. John’s, Decatur, Ala.
  • The Rev. Patricia Phaneuf Alexander is rector of St. Dunstan’s, Bethesda, Md.
  • The Rev. Alex Allain is assistant to the priest-in-charge at Pohick, Lorton, Va.
  • The Rev. Gillian Barr is rector of Calvary, Stonington, Conn.
  • The Rev. Dr. Andrew Barnett is associate rector for worship and adult formation at All Saints, Atlanta.
  • The Rev. William T. Berry is associate rector for young adults and families at Christ Church Cathedral, Lexington, Ky.
  • The Rev. Dr. Joy Blaylock is missioner for discipleship in the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.
  • The Rev. Doug Bleyle is priest-in-charge of St. Barnabas, Cortez, Colo.
  • The Rev. Molly Bosscher is rector of St. Andrew’s, Grand Rapids, Mich.
  • The Rev. Lecia Brannon is locum tenens of Calvary, Richmond, Texas.
  • The Rev. Janet Broderick is rector of All Saints, Beverley Hills, Calif.
  • The Rev. Marigold Brown is deacon of St. Luke’s, New Orleans.
  • The Rev. Kate Bryant is priest-in-charge of Leeds, Markham, Va.
  • The Rev. William J. Buracker is associate rector of All Saint’s, Chevy Chase, Md.
  • The Rev. Matthew Burdette is rector of St. Christopher’s, Dallas.
  • The Rev. Peter Bushnell is priest-in-charge of Christ, Stafford Springs, Conn.
  • The Rev. Andrew Cannan is rector of St. Paul’s, Greenville, N.C.
  • The Rev. Holly Cardone is rector of Emmanuel, Fullerton, Calif.
  • The Rev. Canon Joseph M.C. Chambers is chief of staff for the Diocese of Texas.
  • The Rev.Bruce Cheney is priest-in-charge of St. George’s, Newport News, Va.
  • The Rev. Sandy Chilese is priest-in-charge of St. Alban’s, Wickenburg, Ariz.
  • The Rev. Dr. Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew is canon to the ordinary in the Diocese of Rhode Island.
  • The Rev. Charles Dupree is rector of St. Paul’s, Richmond, Va.
  • The Rev. Alex Dyer is canon to the ordinary of the Diocese of Colorado.
  • The Rev. Michael W. Dwyer is rector of St. Thomas, Morris, Ill.
  • The Rev. Tom Early is rector of St. Alban’s, Spirit Lake, Iowa.
  • The Rev. Lorna Erixson is rector of St. Mark’s, Mendham, N.J.
  • The Rev. Brittany Frazier is deacon at All Saints, Chevy Chase, Md.
  • The Rev. Matthew Frey is vicar of the Grand County Partnership, Colo.
  • The Rev. Martin Geiger is assistant rector of Christ, Winchester, Va.
  • The Rev. Lara Gilbert is assistant at St. Mark’s, Casper, Wyo.
  • The Rev. Ann Gillespie is senior associate rector of Holy Comforter, Vienna, Va.
  • The Rev. Kim Glenn is rector of Grace, Kilmarnock, Va.
  • The Rev. Terri Heyduk is canon for clergy resources and support/transition officer in the Diocese of Utah.
  • The Rev. Olivia Hilton is priest-in-charge of Trinity, Upper Marlboro, Md.
  • The Rev. Roy Hoffman is canon to the bishop diocesan in the Diocese of Southern Virginia.
  • The Rev. Warren Huestis is rector of All Saints Episcopal/Lutheran Community, Washington Courthouse, Ohio.
  • The Rev. Tom Jackson is priest-in-charge of St. Luke’s, New Haven, Conn.
  • The Rt. Rev. James Jelinek is interim rector of Trinity, Newport, R.I.
  • The Rev. Daniel Johnson is rector of Christ, Spotsylvania, Va.
  • The Rev. Linda Kapurch is interim rector at Middleham & St. Peter’s, Lusby, Md.
  • The Rev. Lauren Kayis rector of St. George’s, Sandford, Maine.
  • The Rev. Lois Keen is priest-in-charge of St. Peter’s/Trinity Church, Thomaston, Conn.
  • The Rev. Carleton Kelley is rector of St. Andrew’s, Grayslake, Ill.
  • The Rev. Alexander R. Large is rector of Holy Apostles, Katy, Texas.
  • The Rev. Susan Latimer is rector of Good Shepherd, Hemet, Calif.
  • The Rt. Rev. Fraser Lawton is rector of St. Dunstan’s, Mineola, Texas.
  • The Rev. Kris Leaman is priest-in-charge of St. Mark’s, Fort Dodge, Iowa.
  • The Rev. Neal McGowan is assistant rector of St. Alban’s, Waco, Texas.
  • The Rev. Becky Mickelfelder is interim rector of All Saints, Saugatuck, Mich.
  • The Rev. Dr. Richard Miles is interim rector of Christ, Washington, D.C.
  • The Rev. Michaelene Miller is director of Deaconess Anne House, St. Louis.
  • The Rev. Larry Minter is interim rector of St. Stephen’s, Oak Ridge, Tenn.
  • The Rev. Alberto Moreno is Spanish Missioner of St. Dunstan’s, Tulsa, Okla.
  • The Rev. Mark Nestlehutt is rector of Washington Chapel, Valley Forge, Pa.
  • The Rev. Andrew Olivio is rector of St. Elizabeth’s, Ridgewood, N.J.
  • The Rev. Annalise Castro Pasalo is vicar of Emmanuel, Kailua, Hawaii.
  • The Rev. Raymond W. Perica is deacon at St. Peter’s, Plant City, Fla.
  • The Rev. Joseph Peters-Mathews is vicar of St. Hilda-St. Patrick, Edmonds, Wash.
  • The Rev. Alex Riffee is chaplain at UVA University Hospital, Charlottesville, Va.
  • The Rev. Polly Robb is rector of St. Luke’s, Scottsboro, Ala.
  • The Rev. Jason Roberson is associate rector of Grace/La Gracia, Alexandria, Va.
  • The Rev.  Devin Rodgers is rector of St. Alban’s, Bexley, Ohio.
  • The Rev. Dr. Suzannah Rohman is rector of St. Andrew’s, Newcastle, Maine.
  • The Rev. John G. Rumple is rector of Grace, Oak Park, Ill.
  • The Rev. Canon Petero A.N. Sabune is priest-in-charge of Sts. John, Paul & Clement, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.
  • The Rev. Frank Samuelson is associate rector of Trinity, The Woodlands, Texas.
  • The Rev. Louise Samuelson is associate rector of St. John the Divine, Houston.
  • The Rev. Megan Sanders is chaplain of Canterbury Downtown, New York.
  • The Rev. Dr. Shane Scott-Hamblen is canon educator for Italian-language ministry in the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe.
  • The Rev. Sharon Sheffield is vicar of St. Thomas of Canterbury, Long Beach, Calif.
  • The Rev. Jean-Pierre Seguin is assistant rector at St. John’s, Glyndon, Md.
  • The Rev. Fred E. Thompson, Jr. is priest-in-charge of the Episcopal Church on Edisto Island, S.C.
  • The Very Rev. Denise Ann Trogdon is rector of All Saints, Hilton Head Island, S.C.
  • The Rev. Jose Vilar is priest-in-charge of St. Philip’s, Hinesville, Ga.
  • The Rev. Ben Wyatt is a Pathways priest in the Diocese of Indianapolis.
  • The Rev. Scott Zaucha is rector of St. Ann’s, Woodstock, Ill.
  • The Rev. Eric Zile is rector of Trinity, Apalachicola, Fla.



Connecticut: Donald Field Burr, II, Felix Arnaldo Rivera, Mary Russell Barnett, Darryl Clifford Burke, Erin Leigh Lapham Flinn, John Martin Kennedy, III, Michael Joseph Reardon, Tara Boyd Shepley

Chicago: Rose Cicero, Lydia Gajdel, Deborah Lang, Mary Courtney Reid

East Carolina: Matthew Ray Babcock, Mary Moore Shields, Nanette Louise Woodworth

Florida: Christopher Dell

Massachusetts: Sarah Brock, Susan Correira, Hilary Greene, Eric Fialho, Katie Ernst, Paul Shoaf Kozak, Maria Kano, Isaac Martinez, Mary Beth Mills-Curran, Olivia Hamilton.

Northern California: Anny Genato, Karen Lawler, Tim McDonald, John Heidel

Oregon: Brandon Scott McGinnis, Matthew David Morris, Jessica Rae Thompson

San Diego: Chris Craig-Jones, Hannah Wilder

South Carolina: Charles Ellis Jenkins, Lauren Kay


Albany: William J. Wright, Sr. (rector of Christ Church, Deposit, NY), Landon McCord Moore III (associate rector of St. Mark’s, Brooklyn, N.Y.).

Dallas: Jon Jordan.

East Carolina: Cheryl Brainard

Eastern Oregon: Kerri Meyer, Anna Rossi

Georgia: Samantha McKean

Idaho: Brandon Wickstrom

Los Angeles: Otto Vasquez

Massachusetts: Chris Jones

Newark: Sharon Sheridan Hausman, Peter Savastano

New Jersey: Caroline Patton Carson (rector of Holy Innocents,’ Beach Haven, N.J.), Allison Marie Burns-LaGrecaNfikije Mugisha Rwamasirabo (curate of St. George’s, Rumson, N.J.), Daniel E. Somers

Northern Indiana: Melinda Bowne Hancock (serving at Gethsemane, Marion, Ind.).

Northwestern Pennsylvania: Rebecca Harris 

Oklahoma: J. Michael Matkin

Oregon: Bonnie R. Stewart

Pennsylvania: Michelle Bullock, Charles Howard

Rhode Island: Della Wager Wells

Western New York: Rosaleen Nogle

Wyoming: Margaret Peterson Hotchkiss



  • The Rev.. Kathy Guin as rector of St. Margaret’s, Woodbridge, Va.
  • The Rev. Joseph Harmon as rector,  Epiphany & Christ, Orange, N. J.
  • The Rev. Jane Hartwell as canon for formation and spiritual growth in the Diocese of Maine.
  • The Rev. Marjorie Lindstrom as priest-in-charge of St. Matthew’s, Paramus, N.J.
  • The Very Rev. Dr. Frieda Malcolm as rector of St. Alban’s, Salisbury, Md.
  • The Rev. Bo Millner as rector of Grace & Holy Trinity, Richmond.
  • The Rev. Philip Morgan as rector of Emmanuel, Rapidan, Va.
  • The Rev. William Jessee Neat as rector of Ascension, Frankfort, Ky.
  • The Rev. Kent Rahm as rector of Trinity, Fredericksburg, Va.
  • The Rev. Denise Ronn as priest-in-charge of St. Philip’s, Hinesville, Ga.
  • The Rev. Mary Siegmund as rector of St. Luke’s, Shawnee, Kan.
  • The Rev. Canon Matthew Stockard as canon to the ordinary, Diocese of East Carolina.
  • The Rev. Ann Tofani as eucharistic leader of St. Mary’s, Robinson, Ill.
  • The Rev. Gary Wilde as rector of Good Shepherd, Venice, Fla.


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