Diocese of Oklahoma Seeks New Bishop

Bishop Ed Konieczny speaks at the Oklahoma City National Memorial | Kirk Petersen | TLC

The Diocese of Oklahoma has begun accepting applications for an eventual successor to the Rt. Rev. Edward J. Konieczney as Bishop of Oklahoma. On December 14 the diocese will elect a Bishop Coadjuter, who will become the VI Bishop of Oklahoma upon Bishop Ed’s retirement on January 1, 2021.

The diocesan profile describes the characteristics the diocese seeks:

  • We seek a bishop who will empower individuals and congregations with the leadership and resources needed to accomplish the mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • We seek a bishop who recognizes that the people are the most significant asset of the diocese; someone who will know and love us and value the ideas and gifts we bring.

  • We seek a bishop who will be visible within the diocese and the life of the congregations to further develop the relationships that bind us together.

  • We seek a bishop who is excited about and who will celebrate and support the diversity of our diocese (theologically, liturgically, politically, etc.).

  • We seek a bishop with vision who will develop and communicate a shared mission of our diocese.

  • We seek a bishop who will work closely with rural parishes by developing clergy, providing size appropriate programs, and encouraging increased laity participation.

  • We seek a bishop who will be passionate about serving and resourcing our Hispanic and Native American missions and congregations; who will help us respond to the racial diversity of our communities and better reach and serve people of all races and ethnicities in our increasingly diverse state.

  • We seek a bishop who is willing to engage in creative and innovative ministries and plant new congregations in order to reach and serve new people (as a diocese and as congregations).

  • We seek a bishop who will maintain our strong corporate framework as a skillful manager of our financial resources, diocesan staff, and diocesan institutions.

  • We seek a bishop who will help us continue to strengthen communication from the Diocesan Center to our congregations and find more ways for us to share our story – including new communication tools.

  • We seek a bishop who will cultivate new financial resources to grow our ministries and impact for future generations.

Applications will be accepted through July 6, 2019. Walkabouts will take place beginning late in November. The diocesan profile and other information is available on the search website.


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