4/30 People & Places

St. Bride’s, Hyndland | Charles Clegg | Flickr | bit.ly/1TJzBlz


  • The Rev. Becky Anderson, the Rev. Dennis Bucco, and the Rev. Mary Ann Mello, a deacon, serve St. Luke’s, Pawtucket, RI, and Good Shepherd, Pawtucket, as a team.
  • Barbara Bach, the Rev. Valerie Balling, Wendy Blackman, the Rev. Joan M.P. Mason, and the Rev. Ronald N. Pollock are honorary canons of Trinity Cathedral, Trenton, NJ.
  • The Rev. Beth Hill Bell is priest in charge of St. David’s, Oklahoma City.
  • The Rev. Rick Britton is interim vicar of St. Anselm’s, Nashville, TN.
  • The Very Rev. Stephen Carlsen is interim rector of St. Paul’s, Key West, FL.
  • The Rev. Sean Cox is associate for transitions and congregational development in the Diocese of Indianapolis.
  • The Rev. Martin Fortner is interim rector of St. James’, Jackson, MS.
  • The Rev. Terri Heyduk is transition officer in the Diocese of Utah.
  • The Rev. Canon Kevin J. Moroney is canon theologian in the Diocese of New Jersey.
  • The Rev. Elizabeth Anne Randall is rector of Epiphany, Richardson, TX.
  • The Rev. David Romanik is rector of Heavenly Rest, Abilene, TX.
  • The Rev. Canon Kara N. Slade is canon theologian in the Diocese of New Jersey.
  • The Rev. Zachary Mark Smith is priest in charge of St. Paul’s, Camden, NJ.
  • The Rev. Cara Spaccarelli is rector of St. Christopher’s, Carmel, IN.
  • The Rev. Keila Thomas is priest in charge of St. Peter’s, Paris, KY.

Ordinations: Deacons

  • Central Gulf Coast: Pete Burgess, to serve at St. Paul’s, Mobile, AL.
  • Northern Indiana: Melissa Elaine Renner, to serve as permanent deacon at St. John the Evangelist, Elkhart, IN.


  • The Rev. Michael Dunnington, as priest in charge of All Saints and Ascension, Northwoods, MO
  • The Very Rev. Canon Scott Quinn, as interim dean of Trinity Cathedral, Pittsburgh
  • The Rev. Karl Schaffenburg, as rector of Grace, Sheboygan, WI


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