Ga. Diocese Announces Campus Missioner

Diocese of Georgia

The Diocese of Georgia reports:

The Rev. Amy Bradley has accepted a new additional role to serve as a Missioner to Augusta University on behalf of the Diocese of Georgia. This will be alongside her ongoing work as the Associate Rector of St. Augustine of Canterbury, Augusta. Bradley said of this new call, “The story the church is telling itself is that we’ve lost Millennials. But the fact is, they’re just outside our doors, waiting to be found.”

Reflecting on her experiences in this ministry she added, “On campus at AU, I have found people waiting to be told they’re created in the image of God and they are loved. They’re hungry for meaning and belonging. They’ve grown up in the age of ‘truthiness’ and ‘fake news,’ and they are looking for the Good News of the Truth that will set them free. We’re there to be with them in that search and to listen to the wisdom they have to offer the church.”

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