Wyoming’s New Archdeacon

The Rev. Bobbe Fitzhugh reports for the Diocese of Wyoming:

Bishop John Smylie has announced the appointment of the Rev. Jill Zimmerschied of Wheatland, a long-time Deacon in the Diocese of Wyoming, to serve as the Archdeacon for the Diocese of Wyoming. Jill replaces the Venerable Dick Naumann of Laramie, who has announced his retirement from active ministry.

In the Episcopal Church, an archdeacon is the senior deacon within a diocese and has responsibility for serving at hierarchical services (those at which the Bishop is present and presiding). As archdeacon, the Venerable Jill Zimmerschied (her new title), will provide administrative assistance and other leadership to congregations and church organizations in the Diocese of Wyoming.

In making the appointment, Bishop Smylie said, “Jill is a faithful servant of Christ who radiates a prayerful presence in carrying out her duties. Her commitment to those inside as well as outside of the church walls, is a model we can all strive for. I look forward to growing the role of the diaconate in the Diocese of Wyoming with the help of my new archdeacon.”

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