$133,150 for Young Adult Ministry, Campus Ministry

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Executive Council approved $133,150 in grants for young adult and campus ministry during its February meeting in Oklahoma.

“This is a growing ministry, one that shows the church how to engage mission and the Jesus Movement in new, innovative ways,” said the Rev. Shannon Kelly, officer for young adult and campus ministries.

Campus Ministry Grants

  • All Saints’ @The Table, Diocese of Arkansas, $4,800
  • Campus Ministry at the University of North Carolina–Asheville, Diocese of North Carolina, $3,700
  • Canterbury@Plymouth, Episcopal Church of New Hampshire, $3,400
  • Episcopal and Lutheran Campus Fellowship of Macon, Diocese of Atlanta, $4,850
  • Faithful Futures–Listening Post, Episcopal Church in Connecticut, $5,000

Leadership Grants

  • Georgia Tech, Diocese of Georgia, $14,000
  • Pastoral Universitaria–Iglesia Episcopal Puertorriqueña, Diocese of Puerto Rico, $30,000
  • Pittsburgh University Chaplaincy, Diocese of Pittsburgh, $14,000
  • St. Luke’s Campus Ministry and the U R Loved Library, Diocese of Fort Worth, $14,000

Project Grants

  • Campus Ministry at Rutgers University, Diocese of New Jersey, $900
  • Canterbury House, Diocese of Northern Michigan, $1,000
  • St. John’s Church, Diocese of Ohio, $1,000

Young Adult Ministry Grants

  • Beloved in the Desert, Diocese of Arizona, $5,000
  • Emerging Communities, Diocese of El Camino Real, $4,000
  • Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers, Diocese of Virginia, $5,000
  • Johnson Service Corps, Diocese of North Carolina, $3,000
  • Life Together, Diocese of Massachusetts, $5,000
  • Marquette Young Adult Ministry, Diocese of Northern Michigan, $5,000
  • Plainsong Farm and Ministry, Diocese of Western Michigan, $3,000
  • St. Thomas’ Church–Dinner Church, Diocese of New Jersey, $4,000
  • 3rd Place–A Young Adult Ministry of the Diocese of Western North Carolina and the Presbyterian–Episcopal Campus Ministry at Appalachian State University, $2,500

Adapted from the Office of Public Affairs


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