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Washington National Cathedral

BreAnna Bell reports for WAMU’s dcist:

One Lego brick at a time, the Washington National Cathedral is hoping to raise funds to repair parts of the building still damaged from an earthquake in 2011. Its newest exhibit, a Lego replica of the National Cathedral, is set to begin construction on Friday.

Overall, the cathedral sustained $34 million in damages from the earthquake, most of which affected the central tower of the building. Already, the National Cathedral has repaired $15 million worth of damages, but Kevin Eckstrom, the Cathedral’s chief communications officer, says they still have a long ways to go.

“We are anticipating that [the Lego model] will be finished in the next two or three years and hopefully this project will bring in close to a million to go toward repairs,” Eckstrom said.

… The replica, constructed and designed with the help of UK-based Lego building firm Bright Bricks, will be made of approximately 400,000 bricks and span 13 feet lengthwise. Its final projected weight will be 1,400 pounds, making it about the size of a minivan and the world’s largest cathedral to be made from Lego bricks, according to the National Cathedral. The model will feature all of the details of the real building, including the west Rose Window, Bethlehem Chapel, and the central tower.

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  • WAMU’s Mikaela Lefrak reports on the cathedral’s “Let There Be Lego!” launch.
  • Washington National Cathedral’s Build the Excitement page offers links to become involved, and includes this disclaimer: “LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this project.”
  • Bright Bricks is available for all your “custom LEGO brick” construction needs.


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