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In the cover story, Zachary Guiliano writes about the new vision guiding USPG in its mission work:

The oldest mission society in the Anglican Communion, USPG, has unveiled a new strategy developed under its recently commissioned general secretary, the Rev. Duncan Dormor. The 44-page document, Open to Encounter: Mission in the 21st Century, came together after several months of consultation between USPG’s Communion-Wide Advisory Group, a council of 160 representatives, and other stakeholders.

“For old hands, you can kind of say, Hey, it’s back to the future,” Dormor told TLC. “It’s a reassertion of an identity, hopefully with some clarity and all the rest of it. It’s signaling a clear move … an attempt to articulate a presence as a global mission agency.”

The document appeared on Bray Day, Feb. 15, when the society’s founder, the Rev. Thomas Bray, is commemorated in the calendars of the Church of England and other Anglican churches worldwide. it names three new strategic priorities for the society: Rethinking Mission, Energizing Church and Community, and Championing Justice.


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  • New Director, Fresh Strategy for USPG
    By Zachary Guiliano


  • Rothko’s Emptiness
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    Review by Angus Ritchie
  • Vocātiō
    Review by Eugene Schlesinger
  • Dr. Ashley’s Pleasure Yacht
    Review by Gareth Atkins
  • The Gospel and Pluralism Today
    Review by Stephen Platten

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