2/22 People & Places

St. Bride’s, Hyndland | Charles Clegg | Flickr | bit.ly/1TJzBlz


  • The Rev. Marcia O. McRae resigned as rector of St. Francis, Goldsboro, NC, and her ministry as a priest continues.


  • The Rev. Andy Andrews is rector of Holy Trinity, Vicksburg, MS.
  • The Rev. Joseph Baird is vicar of St. Peter’s, Blairsville, PA.
  • The Rev. Ed Beaudreau is vicar of St. Elizabeth’s, Hope Valley, RI.
  • The Rev. Walter Marion Broadfoot III is rector of Transfiguration, Saluda, NC.
  • The Rev. Carlotta Cochran is priest in charge of St. Stephen’s, Norfolk, VA.
  • The Rev. Susie Comer is rector of St. Mark’s, Richmond, TX.
  • The Rev. Sharron L. Cox is rector of St. Mary’s, West Columbia, TX.
  • The Rev. Gill De Azevedo, a deacon, assists at All Saints, Salt Lake City.
  • The Rev. Robert C. Douglas is rector of St. Mark’s, Tampa, FL.
  • The Rev. Charles Esposito is priest in charge of St. Stephen’s, Wilkinsburg, PA.
  • The Rev. Michael C. Fedewa is rector of St. Paul’s, Muskegon, MI.
  • The Rev. Antonio Gallardo is priest in charge of St. Luke’s of the Mountains, La Crescenta, CA.
  • Julie Garwood is director of Rock Point Camp, Burlington, VT.
  • The Rev. H. Lee Lowery is interim rector of St. Dunstan’s, Auburn, AL.
  • Susan Merrill is executive director of the Gray Center, Canton, MS.
  • The Rev. Christopher Montella is priest in charge of St. Stephen’s, Santa Clarita, CA.
  • The Rev. Joel Morsch is rector of St. Andrew’s, Edwardsville, IL.
  • The Rev. Brandon Thomas Mozingo is priest in charge of St. Stephen’s, McKeesport, PA.
  • The Rev. Eileen O’Brien is rector of St. James’, Austin, TX.
  • The Rev. Michael Seiler is rector of St. Michael and All Angels, Corona Del Mar, CA.
  • The Rev. Stephanie Shockley is priest in charge of Holy Cross, N. Plainfield, NJ.
  • The Rev. Beth Wyndham is church planter for the Diocese of West Texas.

Ordinations: Priests

  • Los Angeles: Laurel Eileen Coote, Joseph Bradley Courtney, Antonio Jose Gallardo, Carole Lee Horton-Howe, Jennifer Wagner Pavia, Sarah Anne Reynolds, and Anil Virendra Shah
  • New Jersey: George Frederick Rambow
  • Southwestern Virginia: Nina Salmon
  • Texas: Michele Bonner, Nicholas Earl, David M. Goldberg, Mary Keenan, Elizabeth Miller, and Korey Wright
  • Virginia: Joseph Earl Lenow, resident assistant professor in Creighton University’s College of Arts and Sciences
  • West Tennessee: Miranda Cully Griffin


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