Abp. Prays for Priest’s Survivors

Faluni herdsmen who killed a Nigerian priest are demanding a ransom of nearly ₦10 million for the release of his family.

The Rev. Anthony Jata’u of the Diocese of Sokoto was abducted Feb. 7 and his corpse was dumped by the roadside.

He was taken along with his wife, three children, and two sisters-in-law. Sources say bandits shot at the car the priest was driving and dragged the occupants from the car. His body was found a few days afterward, but the family members had been taken away.

“My prayers and those of the whole community at Lambeth Palace are with the family of the Rev. Anthony Idris Jata’u, who grieve even as they continue to be held in captivity and great danger,” Archbishop Justin Welby said.

“May God draw near them in comfort, and bring the freedom and justice that are so urgently needed. We pray too for the church led by [Fr.] Jata’u, for all those suffering persecution for their faith, and for the whole nation of Nigeria, that Jesus Christ would light the path away from violence and towards peace.”

John Martin


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