Supplies for Besieged Syrians

Episcopal Relief & Development

Episcopal Relief & Development is supporting the Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches in providing supplies to cover winter needs of people displaced by the war in Syria.

During the harsh winter months, the partnership will meet immediate needs for 500 families in Aleppo and Homs Governorate who have been newly displaced or seriously affected by the war. The fellowship will provide fuel, blankets and clothing to help families struggling this winter.

“While the security situation has improved in many parts of Syria, the scale, severity, and complexity of needs across the country are staggering,” said Nagulan Nesiah, senior program officer for disaster response and risk reduction. “For many displaced and other vulnerable families, winter brings with it heavy burdens and responsibilities that are too much for them to bear on their own.”

Episcopal Relief & Development has supported the fellowship since 2013 in caring for people displaced by the crisis. It is an association of Protestant churches of the Middle East, including Anglicans in Egypt, Iran, Jerusalem, and Sudan.

Adapted from Episcopal Relief & Development


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