Same-sex Marriage In the Diocese of Tennessee

Bishop John Bauerschmidt

The Bishop of Tennessee has announced his policy regarding the 79th General Convention Resolution B-012, which authorizes priests throughout the Episcopal Church to perform same-sex weddings.

Bishop John C. Bauerschmidt has asked the Rt. Rev. Brian L. Cole, Bishop of East Tennessee, to work with parishes that wish to use the rite.

Bauerschmidt is president of the Living Church Foundation’s board of directors.

“I commend to your attention the provisions of the appended Procedure,” Bishop Bauerschmidt wrote to the people of his diocese. “They are intended to promote the highest degree of communion and fellowship in a time of challenge for the Church. These provisions require consultation. No document can answer every question in advance. I also commend to your attention the two documents that preceded this Procedure: the two pastoral teachings on the Episcopate and on Marriage.”

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Pastoral Teaching on Marriage-John Bauerschmidt


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