Event: Racial Reconciliation and the Soul

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The Institute on Religion and Democracy and Beeson Divinity School’s Institute of Anglican Studies will host “Racial Reconciliation and the National Covenant,” a conference at Samford University on Feb. 12-13.

“This country suffers from continuing racial tension,” said the Rev. Gerald McDermott, director of Beeson’s Institute of Anglican Studies. “We are convinced that the tension cannot be resolved by politics alone because our racial divides have vital spiritual, moral, and cultural dimensions.”

Registration is $75. Discounts are available for clergy, students, and veterans. Topics and speakers include:

  • “Covenant, Race, and the Nations” by Joshua Berman of Bar-Ilan University
  • “Exile and Judgment” by R. Mitch Rocklin of the Tikvah Fund
  • “The Puritans and Jonathan Edwards” by McDermott
  • “The Founders, American Revolution, and the Early Republic” by Joshua Mitchell of Georgetown University
  • “Exile and Return” by Glenn Loury of Brown University
  • “Martin Luther King Jr. and the National Covenant” by the Rev. Eugene Rivers of the National Ten Point Leadership Foundation
  • “Race and School Choice” by Robert Woodson of the Woodson Center
  • “Little Black Lives Matter” by Alveda King, Priests for Life’s director of African-American outreach
  • “Black Churches and the American Covenant” by Derryck Green of Project 21: A National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives
  • “White Churches and the American Covenant” by Mark Tooley, president of Institute on Religion and Democracy
  • “The Black Family” by Jacqueline Rivers of the Seymour Institute on Black Church and Policy Studies
  • “Racial Supremacy and Covenantal Reconciliation” by Carol Swain of the James Madison Program at Princeton
  • Concluding remarks by Timothy George, dean of Beeson Divinity School

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