L.A. Approves Transparent Budget

Bishop John Harvey Taylor leads convention in applause after Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce’s address. | Janet Kawamoto | Diocese of Los Angeles | bit.ly/2BSCI9E

Pat McCaughan reports for the Diocese of Los Angeles on the diocese’s annual convention, including a report by Suffragan Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce about a new, transparent budget:

A first step toward a transparent budget formed a core of Bruce’s work this past year. She convened a finance think tank of experts to aid in this effort, along with the Rev. Michele Racusin, diocesan chief financial officer and Canon Andy Tomat, treasurer.

… Delegates approved a $9.89 million budget for 2019, detailing a $537,760 deficit. Bruce said the budget will continue to be tweaked as the diocese moves toward complete transparency.

“Marrying the work of the narrative budgets together with these categories and groupings and providing you for the first time how total mission and ministry is funded by the Mission Share Fund, by the Corporation of the Diocese and by Corp Sole, was a labor of love and care,” Bruce told the gathering, adding: “When I was done with it I felt I’d given birth to an accountant.”

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