St. Louis Provost Advances to Dean

Christ Church Cathedral, St. Louis

Jeff Goldone and Mary Karr, wardens of Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis, write about electing the cathedral’s new dean:

It is with great joy and gratitude to Almighty God that the Chapter of Christ Church Cathedral announces its unanimous decision on Nov. 15, 2018, to elect the Very Rev. Kathie Adams-Shepherd to the position of Cathedral Dean. She is now the 11th, and first woman dean, since Christ Church was designated a cathedral in 1888.

Dean Adams-Shepherd was called in the fall of 2016 to be the Cathedral’s provost, a title indicating that neither party was yet ready to make a long-term commitment. She began her ministry at the Cathedral in Jan. 2017.

Following what might be described as a tryout period, Dean Adams-Shepherd endeared herself to the Cathedral’s parishioners and vice versa.

Dean Adams-Shepherd was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church in 1983. She holds a Master’s in Divinity from Union Theological Seminary. Early in her career she served as rector in parishes in Clayton and Cape Vincent, NY. She went on to serve 20 years as rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, Newtown, CT, a job she gave up to relocate to St. Louis.

Dean Adams-Shepherd has been married to Richard “Shep” Shepherd for 37 years. They have an adult son and daughter who live in the Newtown, Conn., area.

Dean Adams-Shepherd will tell you emphatically that “I am a pastor in my bones. Every encounter with God’s people is a pastoral encounter of deep care.” Listening well, caring deeply, responding with love, prayer and support are the hallmarks of her ministry to all God’s people. She is a passionate and engaging preacher, focused on the current issues and needs of society, with a very deep personal commitment to safe gun-control legislation and an end to chronic homelessness. She is completely comfortable and effective with her encounters with young children and older adults and everyone in-between. It’s very apparent, she loves people, all God’s people.

We anticipate an installation service for Dean Kathie soon after the New Year. Praise be to God for yet another cause for rejoicing during the Cathedral’s special 200th anniversary year.

Adapted from Christ Church Cathedral’s Wednesday Weekly


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